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  • May 16, 2024

    Currently I am playing Mira Eros in a City of Mist campaign. Her rift is Dracula, and she works as the leading doctor in the hematology ward at the local hospital.
  • Sunday the 15th of May Opening Monologues: Dante __ Lee __ Mira The second time the 86ers visited the morgue to examine the bodies of Craygan Moore, Cassius Bloom, and Raven Simons while ...
  • Monday The 4th of April Opening Monologue: It’s funny how fast time moves. Some years go by in a blink of an eye and get blended together. Some are more important than others.
  • Monday The 4th of April Opening Monologue: [Opening scene: Dante is sitting alone in his apartment, his expression haunted as he stares into the distance ...
  • Wednesday the 30th of March Opening Monologue: Sun setting in the western desert. We see Detective Jude Pierce sitting on the edge of a fountain. He has a file in his hands with his name on it.
  • Sunday The 27th of March Opening Monologue: Lee closes the door to his office after meeting with a family. He tries to get the manor, his mothers side the Blacks might be able to get the manor back since the Wilders aren’t even trying.
  • Sunday The 27th of March Opening Monologue: In a dimly lit, inconspicuous cafe, Peya awaited her trusted informant, Absolem. The subtle hum of quiet conversations surrounded her as she sipped her coffee, her sharp gaze scanning the room for any signs of his arrival.
  • Saturday The 26th of March Opening Monologue: It was late but not too late. Most of the people in the apartment had gone to bed. Dante went room by room turning off the lights and went to bed.
  • Friday the 25th of March Opening Monologue: Camera pans up to Pomegranate Park. There is a section here where the homeless play chess. Seated at one of the tables is a 40 year old hispanic man looking at the chess board.
  • Wednesday the 23rd of March Opening Monologue: Easy day at work when you’re a lazy sleuth. Triston’s son spotted a donut store. Outside of the store Triston sees a former friend.
  • Tuesday the 22nd of March Opening Monologue: After finishing up a long shift at Ardeal, Mira gathers her belongings from her office and clocks out of the system ...
  • Monday the 21st of March Opening Monologue: Zoom into the highway leading into Catalina. Five years ago, Richard is sitting on his motorcycle “Catalina, I never thought I’d come back here, but I have unfinished business with my father.
  • Sunday the 20th of March Opening Monologue: Lee reviewed the documents in his folder trying to get an edge on this case. He can’t find any legal documents about his house, only a bill that says it was sold to the Mayor.
  • Sunday the 20th of March Opening Monologue: Triston and his party have been on a lot of adventures. Triston has taken quite a beating. He feels like he is lacking in his ability to protect his friends.
  • Saturday the 19th of March Opening Monologue: We see inside the Covetous Carnelian. A well dressed man looks over all the people coming in and out. “It is interesting how everyone has something they want, but few are willing to pay the price to attain that.” Time shifts, people are always coming in happy, but leave sad.
  • Friday the 18th of March Opening Monologue: Courtesy of ChatGPT we learn that Dante has been spending his whole life searching for his parents. Dark forces conspire against him as he tries to figure out who he is.
  • Thursday the 17th of March Opening Monologue: Walking down a quiet, dark alleyway, Peya slinked between two buildings towards her eventual destination ...
  • Wednesday the 16th of March Opening Monologue: Beware the ides of March. Luckily this year nothing out of the ordinary occurred, thank goodness, but it was still the anniversary of several important milestones in my life.
  • Monday the 14th of March Opening Monologue: Gideon Roberts is sitting at his desk and looks exhausted. He picks up the cigarette and takes a puff while looking at a picture of a woman.
  • Sunday the 13th of March Opening Monologue: There is a massive human being with a jean jacket. He is typing on a tiny laptop. He is pretty concetrated but angry.
  • Saturday the 12th of March We break the fight up. And we all head back home. Dante spends some time with the Archivist Thane at 2 in the morning. He is reading up on the mayor.
  • Friday the 11th of March Peya looks into the break in at the Rook and Pawn and learns that in the girls headband, there is something that looks like an index card ...
  • Thursday the 10th of March Peya and Jerry notice that Claire is missing and investigate where she went. Jerry texted her and they found her phone, but before their eyes the phone burns up.
  • Thursday the 10th of March Spent the day researching the bite marks on the patients. Entered into the university with the passcode queen of hearts Thane has taken the grasshopper leg and given us 4 hours each to study the library I look into 3 clues: research from the archives about the bite marks I found a lot of information about vampires, and that vampires were the cause of the bite marks Does it look like I could be the beast causing the marks? Possibly What does the goal of the attacks appear to be? Feeding Some of the bite marks in the hospital do match closely to what my mouth would do.
  • Wednesday the 9th of March We check in with Roberts at Saguaro Insurance to let him know about Bronson Rees and Saramar Ranch. We then go to check out the club 72 Below, but can’t get in because we don’t have memberhsip coins.
  • Tuesday the 8th of March Talked to Robert’s about our investigation from last night. He said, “be careful of the two suited thugs” Peya investigates the electronic doo-hickey and learns that the device was potentially a charger for the big vacuum looking device.
  • Monday the 7th of March The episode opened with Watson Carter going missing on the early morning of March 7th. His absence is noticed by Claire, who immediately texted him only to get no reply.