Sunday The 27th of March

Opening Monologue: In a dimly lit, inconspicuous cafe, Peya awaited her trusted informant, Absolem. The subtle hum of quiet conversations surrounded her as she sipped her coffee, her sharp gaze scanning the room for any signs of his arrival. Moments later, the shadowy figure appeared, slipping into the chair across from her.

”Good evening Absolem.” “Good evening Peya. I have quite the drop for you. Let’s get right to it.” Absolem pulled out a file from inside his coat and laid it on the table, pushing it toward Peya. Peya opened it and was stunned at the information revealed inside. “Wait, is Alt F4 Life dead??” “Well, we don’t know that for sure, but there have been no signs of them during their last two scheduled information dumps. Seems at the very least, someone’s got them on the run.” Peya shook her head in wonder, “I never thought that anyone would catch up to them with how many enemies they’ve managed to evade all these years.” “Stay sharp, Peya. I included the last found address of Alt F4 Life. Might be something there that could illuminate the situation further.”

As Absolem stood up to leave, Peya stirred out of her stupor. “Wait just a minute,” Peya said as she pulled out a folder of her own. “Seems you’ve been holding out on me.” “I have no idea what you mean,” remarked Absolem. Peya continued, “You’re much closer to my new group of comrades than you initially let on. In fact, you have a particular interest in the archeologist Dante, don’t you, Absolem? Or should I say Jack Sinferno?” Absolem met Peya’s steady gaze and peered deep within for a long moment. Then grumbled as he turned, “I was hoping the past could stay in the past. I should’ve known you’d discover it eventually.” “Why didn’t you just tell me? It could’ve been useful for me to know.”

After a long pause, Absolem replied over his shoulder, “Because… he’s not the only one I never told you I fathered.” And as Absolem glanced back at Peya, the look in his eye told her everything. She gaped after him, watching him walk away, as the weight of his words and the look in his eye sunk in… Absolem, her mentor and skilled informant all these years, was HER father!


At 6am Scarlett gets off of the bus stop and waits outside of the Rook and Pawn. Time passes as Scarlett just waits for the 11:00 meeting time. The bus stop is literally literally across from the Rook and Pawn, there is also a phone booth to the right of the stop. At 9:45 Peya heads out of the Rook and Pawn and talks to Scarlett. Scarlett has just been waiting this whole time. Peya invites Scarlett into the building. Peya asks if she is doing alright and she is hungry for some snacks. There is still some bruising on the side of her face.

At 10:30, Lee shows up hoping to be early. Tells Scarlett that she is early. And asks about the bruise. She got it from her ex-boyfriend. She thinks he might be dead. At 10:55 Triston wakes up from underneath the bench and starts rolling up his sleeping bag. 11:00 Mira shows up and five minutes later Dante shows up.

Scarlett shakes her head and asks if we found Avianna. Lee states that she was going to give information about a real estate scam happening in Rock Bottom.

Mira notices that the bruising is a little off and it is much worse than the last time we saw it. Scarlett was in a lot of pain and her ex-boyfriend made the pain stop. Mira asks for his name. He was in the military and was a general. General Dreadmoore was his name. He is definitely not a doctor. And it happened on the base.

Lee uses his Djinn to try and heal Scarlett but she gets hurt with some radiant damage. Mira drives Scarlett to the hospital. And Scarlett doesn’t want that kind of healing to happen again.

As Dante is informing the nurses about this, two military personnel go and enter Scarlett’s room. Triston hurries and hides in the closet. The soldier says to Scarlett, “You’re a bit confused, why don’t you come with us and we’ll get you all patched up.” And they escort Scarlett out of the back door.

Cut to Mira, she is draining the blood from someone with lacerations. She notices the Furderer entering the wing where Claire is stationed. She texts Lee letting him know.

Triston, Dante, and Peya try to check for the military guys. They are able to find the vehicle that the military guys are using, but they are driving recklessly. And they follow them to the base. Dante flies in and notices that next to the field hospital there are seven men pacing back and forth raking mindlessly the seven remaining leaves in the field. He flies into the field hospital.

When entering the hospital, Dante doesn’t find anything inside the hospital, it is totally empty. On a lower floor, Dante just sees one of the zombie soldiers just staring straight outside. Peya sneaks onto the base and sees empty offices. There was a sign that says ‘to basement’. As they go down the stairs they hear some definitely not zombie moanings.

Cut to Lee, he is in the room with Claire, and hears her steady heart beat. He doesn’t see any other names on the guest book. Mira gets there and steps out of the way when they hear the door opening. It was Antonyn Levron, and he started booking out of the hospital. He is going under the fake name of Jerrick Smoulder. Lee goes to Claire’s parents and gets guardianship of Claire. And then updates the hospital’s guest list for Claire.

Triston gets a text message with a link and clicks on it. His phone restarts and now it glows green. The phone call claims that he has forgotten a promise that he made. He needs a radio transmitter. The hacker shows a youtube video of Triston with the radio transmitter. I open at the close. Triston refuses to help the hacker.

Cut to Dante and Peya hearing groaning. Peya accidentally kicks the door open. Everyone in the room turns and looks at Peya. Dante admits that they broke into the base. Looking at General Dreadmoore, he appears very skull like. The hospital couldn’t help her. They have some healthy food here that “fixes” her. Dante asks for her medical records. Her records say that she died three months ago. Beaten to death by her boyfriend. She is dead. Her boyfriend is dead. He calls it seeing past what others see. He knows about Mira and her state of death.

Cut to Triston, he decides to hook up his cellphone to the radio transmitter. And with that a radio tower starts blinking on the hospital. He is preparing for a war that is coming. A line has been drawn. But he is willing to make a trade with Peya for the mirror. He hopes to have a little more influence. With his monologue he is gathering his pride around him.

Triston tells Mira and Lee that we’re about to Snap, Crackle, and Pop.

General (Pride) Cyrus Rolland (Wrath) DA Office () Mayor () Casino (Gluttony) Moki (Envy)

Lust Greed Sloth - know

Geeking Out

Peya: Grow as a group working to protect Scarlett. Help with Triston to follow the military guys. Dante: Peya as a half sister. And confronting Dreadmoore with Peya. Triston: Grew as a crew because we understood the goal Mira: Reaching out to Lee about Claire. Growing closer to Triston as cellphone buddies. Lee: Help from Mira looking out of Claire

End Credits: The scene ends with a person in a straight-jacket saying he is waiting for Dante.

Recap from last session

Saturday the 26th of March

Opening Monologue: It was late but not too late. Most of the people in the apartment had gone to bed. Dante went room by room turning off the lights and went to bed. He was feeling pretty tired. But he couldn’t sleep. He heard a soft voice say, “we can’t sleep can’t we?” Dante tries to go to bed, but the voice in his head says he’ll be abandoned. “She lied to us, Mira lied to us. No one could survive that.” Dante thought that the conversation was over, but the voice came back and said that “it is time for us to meet.”


Triston goes into the Continental during a dead period and talks to Marcus (the Concierge) to get a contract. He is an elderly gentleman dressed in a smoking jacket looking at some paperwork. If Triston can get a special gold coin from Jeff the Technomancer, he’ll give Triston 5 special gold pieces. Shannon (the Machinist) will accept this.

When Lee wakes up, he hears a knock at the door. The man at the door gives him a letter and then leaves. When Lee opens it up he finds out that he has a summons about being under investigation for Real Estate fraud.

At the Rook and Pawn. Peya is putting away some ornamental daggers on shelves. And then in the back office looks at the mirror. The phone rings, a man introduces himself as Jason and says he knows a guy who can fix mirrors. Downtown, the Broker can fix antiques at the Antique Shop.

Dante shows up and Peya fills him in on the phone call. Then Lee and Triston shows up. If people know we have mirror, we could be in trouble. Then Mira shows up. We jump in our cars and head over to Rock Bottom. At the fountain we see a woman. Lee asks if she is Avianna Dyer. She gets up to leave, but we convince her that we’re not going to hurt her. She thought that Scarlett was dead, and we then informed her that Lisa was killed. She said that Scarlett had been killed in an explosion. We take the conversation away from the fountain. She had been looking into the destruction of Rock Bottom. We give her Scarlett’s number and let her know that Levron is still alive.

Dante as a bird sees the police come to the fountain as they talk to Jimmy. Jimmy rats out bird-Dante and he takes off.

We head over to Downtown to visit the Broker. Lee calls Scarlett and lets her know that Avianna is alive. He gets more information about Scarlett’s supposed death. Turns out she wasn’t where she was supposed to be and wasn’t killed. Lisa kept it a secret. We’ll meet her at the Rook and Pawn tomorrow at 11:00 to exchange information.

We make it Downtown and Triston gets a text message on his Hello Kitty phone with the address to the Antique shop. We don’t see the shop, so we park in the area. As we walking down the street, it feels different than when we just drove by. We see an older building labelled Antique Shop. We feel super disoriented.

Peya goes through the door first. It smells of heavy incense, and is super hazy in here. Peya sees an old Chinese man stroking his beard. He offers Peya all sorts of knick-knacks. He does have some mirrors in the store. “Thirteen point star mirrors sell for quite a pretty penny.” He fixes mirrors for free because of his contract. Peya pulls out the mirror and asks for it to be fixed. We should come back tomorrow to pick it up.

We head over to the Technomancer. We see a black SUV with two people wearing suits. The pit is still there with cones around it. Triston goes over to the SUV and has a staring contest with the men in suits. They glare at him. Triston goes up to the garden shed.

”Do they know?” this is just like my dream. The Technomancer is super trippy. Triston asks if he has a gold coin. The Technomancer says the only thing it could be is the treasure map. The label on the map says Gold Coin. Triston says he’ll make the SUV go away.

Triston talks to the security guys and they are super confused. They are just waiting for someone finishing golf. Triston unrolls the map and sees that the golf map is taped to the inside. The 18th hole has an ‘x’ marked on it. Triston finds the gold coin and on the back of the coin is a red dagger.

End Credits We see a tree in the distance past the SUV. We see the Technomancer looking at a homeless man and not focusing on the SUV.