Sunday the 15th of May

Opening Monologues:


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  • The second time the 86ers visited the morgue to examine the bodies of Craygan Moore, Cassius Bloom, and Raven Simons while looking for clues about Richard. And then the group spends quite some time discussing if dead vampires can be seen in mirrors.
  • I’m sure someone else had used Stop. Holding. Back. before, but the one time Mira used it in the Crypts when confronting Richard Sephiroth Jones when she went full Momma Bear in the attempt to save Bianca and Alicia felt appropriately powerful while also having consequences.
  • Mira was touched that the group focused on her death and explored around those circumstances to discover the reborn Mira. Even if it was short lived for Detective Perry Flynn.
  • Mira’s was successful in interrogating Nick the drug dealer after slipping into his car. Her successful rolls ensured that Nick would go home and rethink his life.


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Downtime: Peya: Dante: Triston: Mira: Lee:


Geeking Out

Peya: Dante: Triston: Mira: Lee:

End Credits:

Recap from last session

Monday The 4th of April

Opening Monologue: Triston talks about how time works is inconsistent. Sometimes things take forever, and othertimes it speeds by and gets blurred together. Triston begins to remember that he had fought with Cyrus, and then an explosion happened. Triston was unable to grapple with his guilt and eventually he began to forget about his past.


The screen fades to black. Six weeks later is shown and everything is on fire.

Sunday the 15th of May

Lee is on the ground, burned really bad. Peya is shot in the shoulder, but still moving. Mira has deep cuts that are slowly healing over her body. Triston is under a pile of rubble. Dante’s arm is limp holding a dead body. There is a black portal. Cut to two weeks earlier.

Sunday the 1st of May

At the Rook and Pawn Bianca and Alicia ask Peya if she was going to go to their graduation. The graduation ceremony is on the 16th of May. They ask what they should do after they graduate. Alicia mentions that she keeps having a bad dream about being late to her graduation. Triston tries to convince the girls that not going to school would be a really good idea.

Detective Pym comes in and arrests Triston for the murder of Solomon Grunderson. Judge Guerrara signed for the warrant. Pym insinuates that Triston must’ve been sleeping with Mira and got rid of her husband. Prosecutor Famé will be running the case. Triston touches Pym’s hand and Pym says to “watch out for falling ceilings.” Triston gets taken away.

Mira is informed by Officer’s Law and Justice who say they’ve found the murderer of her husband. It was a Triston Banne, and there wasn’t any information on him, and Triston’s body was found dead next to Solomon.

Triston get’s placed in the back of the car handcuffed and hears a phone ring. The Technomancer tells him that he is a liar. He better keep hold of this phone otherwise Triston won’t talk to anyone for a long time.

Lee runs into Carter. He claims he can get Lee into the mansion. His friend is Liam Kiave. Liam tells Carter that Triston’s hearing won’t happen for two weeks.

Mira gets a keycard for CySec. Explains to the group that Triston’s body was discovered next to Solomon’s body. They had both died four years ago. She suggests they go to meet with the Archivist to get more information.

At the library Dante gives over the arm because Thane wants it. Thane says that the individual that the arm belongs to is pretty old.

Mira goes to the Death Records and finds the death record for Triston and Solomon and the picture looks nothing like our Triston. We get to keep those records. The gun is also in those records.

Thane doesn’t have any information about Lee’s mansion. But says that we should look out for the 15th of May. As we head home, we see a swarm of bugs pass by us.

Peya posts bail, and Triston says he can never pay it back.

End Credits: On the 14th of May Triston has a dream of a memory of his wife saying he can’t do it anymore. Triston sees his pistol on his hip. It is an old timey western town. You can’t do this anymore otherwise I’m going to go away. With her was a letter that said I’m pregnant.