Tuesday the 22nd of March

Opening Monologue: After finishing up a long shift at Ardeal, Mira gathers her belongings from her office and clocks out of the system. It is late at night, and the hallway is dimly lit, light flickering as the air conditioning kicks on attempting to cover up how silent the hospital is at this hour.

Lost in thought Mira takes her time walking home. That golem at Richard’s house had really shaken her. Was this what Cyrus Power had been working on that had killed Solomon? Mira thought that with enough time, maybe this ache in her heart would go away. But now she saw Solomon in every reflection, and every shadow looked like his silhouette.

Mira stops at a local park and sits down on one of the benches and starts crying, silently her shoulders shake as she tries to pull it together. “What would Sol think of me now. I may be a vampire, but my belief in my hippocratic oath prevents me from truly living. I keep needing to raid the blood bank trying prevent me from doing something I’d truly regret. He would never have married me if he knew I was such a hypocrite.”

After calming down, Mira got back on her feet and walked towards home. Maybe Bianca and Alicia would be home now, it was odd that their partying would last over three days, but maybe they’re hiding since their last party broke the front door.


In the morning after the stakeout, Jessica walks by the guard (Kristopher). She starts cussing out the guard before walking away. The guard looks like an 80s gang-banger with his large green spiked mohawk, denim jacket with no sleeves. Sean is hanging around the entrance. Lee asks who owns this building, and the guard shuts Lee down. The building is owned by the Cyrus Corporation and is private property.

Triston talks to Sean the blind assassin. “I’m blind, not dumb”, he was watching Triston and Peya during their stakeout. He lets them know that the mine is called the Crypts. We see a guy in a white trench coat, and he goes right in. Dante follows him. Lee uses earth magic to try and find the entrance, which he finds. Lee is pretty sure that 2 sets of footprints and something was dragged through.

The mine looks of carved marble. There are braziers lining the stairs. Which opens up to a large hallway. We see the man in a white trench coat looking up at Kristopher who is hanging from the ceiling by a noose. The man in the white coat says, “You guys are early”. As he turns around we see a pistol on his hip, and Triston recognizes him. He says, “Joshua would appreciate that”. We hear a scream from one of the doors leading out of the room. Peya and Mira go towards the scream and after they pass the door, the white trench coat man shoots the door closed. “My birthday is today and I wanted a present.” He is here to make a deal. It also happens to be Triston’s birthday (March 22nd 1983).

Kristopher struggles in his noose, and Dante tries to cut him down, but Kristopher appears to not be able to die. Lee tries to attack trench coat (Knives), Triston shoots the gun out of his hand. Knives pulls out a second gun and shoots Kristopher in the head.

Dante summons a green dinosaur and the dinosaur bites off Knives left arm and he drops the six-shooter. Knives pulls his main gun back into his hand. Lee tries to help Kristopher by raising up the marble but it doesn’t work. Knives shoots at Lee but he dodges it. Triston rushes to catch the bullet and falls into the pit Lee made. Dante cuts down Kristopher, but in the commotion Knives appears to have vanished.

Mira and Peya rush down the hallway and come into a room that appears to have religious significance. The vampire hooligans had been in this room, but they’ve all been killed.

Richard Sephiroth Jones stands behind a bound Bianca and Alisha. He threatens everyone and Mira hits Richard with everything she’s got and sets herself up to protect Bianca and Alicia. Peya confuses Richard as to where the girls are. He pulls out his sword and starts chanting something that sounds familiar and starts glowing. Mira attempts to siphon off his power as Mira gets a sword to the face and she crumples.

Geeking Out

Peya: Felt a connection with Mira trying to save the people who were screaming, oozing with charm is under strain Dante: Watching Mira possibly die, stabbed in the face Triston: Tried to save Lee and fell into a pit as thanks Mira: Working with Peya to save the girls and then unloading on Richard Lee: People pleaser is under strain since he couldn’t try to buy the strip mall

End Credits Camera switches to Mira’s POV as her vision starts to fade to black.

Knives is missing his left hand, and his missing hand still has the six shooter in it. Next to Knives was a girl with a fake eye. “That was a close one, I was almost unable to save you.”

Recap from last session

Monday the 21st of March

Opening Monologue: Zoom into the highway leading into Catalina. Five years ago, Richard is sitting on his motorcycle “Catalina, I never thought I’d come back here, but I have unfinished business with my father. But I need to reclaim my title as the prince, and show this city what needs to be done.” He comes into Catalina and goes to the mansion. It is all boarded up, but over the next five years it gets cleaned up.


Triston and Lee are “help” Peya look for information about other potential victims. Peya learns that Richard is interested in the Rock Bottom, nobody in particular, but they are definitely vampires.

Dante explores the hourglass trap in the attic and finds nothing. Mira discovers that there is a substantial amount of cleaned up blood in front of and under one bookcase. Dante sees that the hourglass resets.

The light goes off and everyone is blinded and Mira is burned. Officers Justice and Law call an ambulance.

Lee smashes the bookcase and reveals stairs going down. Down below there is a map of the underground of Catalina from the 1890s. We find that same symbol of the seven with two dashes just like on the coin. The underground area is a torture chamber and there is a glass coffin with the top broken off of it. Lee takes the map off of the wall.

We drive to the morgue to see if the three bodies are still there. Security prevents us from going back to the morgue. Triston tries to convince them to let him in, and they let us in. The bodies are still there and their teeth definitely are vampire teeth. Mira goes to work on her shift so she doesn’t get in trouble with the 86ers plans. Lots of discussions occur about if vampires die can they now be seen in mirrors? Ultimately they think that the college students are dead because the hunter killed them. And they let the security know that the killer might come back to the bodies.

Peya and Triston stake out at the Rock Bottom and discover a distinct old shop that matches up with the old map as a potential entrance into Catalina’s underground. There is a man standing guard at the building.

End Credits Jerry is going through an intake program at a psych ward.