Sunday the 20th of March

Opening Monologue: Triston and his party have been on a lot of adventures. Triston has taken quite a beating. He feels like he is lacking in his ability to protect his friends. After the event with the skin walker he felt like he really needs to change. Triston is hoping to get a firearm that can help him protect his friends. He goes to the Rook and Pawn and asks Peya for a firearm. He picks a 45 long colt. He never liked guns, but he feels like this is the only way he can protect his friends.


Dante is at his apartment, taking it easy recovering from the surgery.

Lee is checking up on Claire (at Ardeal Court). A guy with a scar (not Lucas) peeks into Claire’s room. He was checking on Breann, but got the room mixed up. Now Lee is worried about strangers and wanted to check to see if others had been checking in on Claire. A Lucas Erikson had checked in. He learns that Lucas is a prominent Catholic Priest.

Mira is working at the hospital and doesn’t find out too much about Cyrus Security in between her visits. She gets a call from Bianca about a bloody package that was delivered and they already opened the package. Mira will get home as soon as she can.

Peya is finishing recovering from her wounds.

Triston has been in the hospital for a day, but he is worried about someone finding the gun in the van. As he is trying to leave his room early, he runs into Detective Pierce. He wants to meet with the gang. He escapes out of the hospital, asks Pierce for a quarter and calls Peya to relay the information to everyone else.

We all get to Detective Pierce’s office. His secretary asks what we need. Lee asks to see a picture of the Furderer. Then the secretary says we need to go to this address to meet him. We get to the house and we see a number of police officers. The address was in the Foothills near the golf course. We see the Detective talking to another officer. There have been a series of murders that have the same M.O. They seem to be drained of blood. All the victims had been friends. We get some leeway here but don’t expect it all. She died around midnight last night.

We enter the small manor. There aren’t a lot of pictures, just paintings. Triston looks at a painting and the main painting is of the four friends.

After investigating we learn that there were more than two wounds on her neck, she died angry, and she suffered from some blunt trauma, but there aren’t any scars. There was a bloody coin in a shoe with someone elses blood. Nothing else appears to have been taken from the house, and there wasn’t a forced entry. There was a muddy foot print in the closet of the master bedroom.

On one side of the coin is a 7 with two hatches on the left side (the coin is similar to the ones used by the continental). The other side is a face. As the body is getting removed from the house someone pulls the blanket up and the body catches on fire. Her name was Nevada Taylor.

Officer Justice and Law take us to the other crime scene. We get to a small home, three bedrooms. The three friends were killed outside of this house tied to chairs. The back fence was knocked down and the chairs came from the patio. They were college students. Two males and one girl. When Lee called the college, the only information they could give was that they lived off campus. A truck had to drive off road to get here.

Peya finds two houses that could potentially have an angle, but there is a wildlife camera taped to a sequoia that Officers Law and Justice can get footage from. There is one shot that has a white truck in it.

We drive to the morgue. And Detective Pierce lets us in. We look at the bodies. Their names were Craygan Moore, Cassius Bloom, Raven Simons. Wounds all around the neck.

Geeking Out

Peya: We’re working well as a group today Dante: Triston: Help and a hurt from Peya due to purchasing a gun Mira: Enjoyed having a bloody package hanging over her head since she still hasn’t made it back to her house to check on the package Lee: Finding his place in the group, and understanding why Claire was working with the group

Recap from last session

Saturday the 19th of March

Opening Monologue: Kwantoko watches people inside the Covetous Carnelian. He argues with his brother Moki and wishes to be him. Now he is trapped in the basement. Time speeds up and Jerry sets him free by wishing there were no more shadows. Jerry touches the safe, and time freezes and Jerry hands the shadowrang over to the genie as it fades out to black.


Dante wakes up, notices his left arm is bandaged up. He tries to take the bandages off and it hurts. He calls the others and no one remembers what happened last night. Jerry has been lost to the mists. The rest of the gang tries way to hard to convince Jerry that he should stay with the group.

Lee Wilder meets up with the group at the Rook and Pawn. He is Claire’s uncle. We bond over all the weird happenings that happened after the excision. And then Lee joins our group. Dante’s arm starts hurting more and we see a man carrying a giant sword named Steven. He mentions that the techno-mancer could fix his arm. We should probably meet up with Archivist at some point.

We head over to the Archivist. He informs Dante that he needs to meet up with the techno-mancer. We head over to the foothills golf course and Dante feels like we’re being watched. He hears in his head, “you’re here too”. As Dante looks around, he sees a transformer car that hits Triston. A fight ensues and all three cars end up in a pit that Lee made. We see a golfball hit one of the cars.

The man who threw the golfball is wearing a bathrobe. His name is Jeff and is the techno-mancer. He walks towards his dank shack. Jeff and Dante start bonding over weed. Jeff suggests that Dante needs some containment of his arms energy. In his ramblings he talked about doing a job for a security company to make a golem and the furderer enforced the job. It is the Cyrus Security Company.

After the surgery, Dante wakes up and has a metal arm that pulses green. His shadow ring now glows green.

End Credits: Saguaro Insurance. We see Gideon typing his letter of resignation. There is a package with a bloody handprint. Bianca picks that package up. Cut to Jerry’s apartment where there are some armored men that Jerry makes gasp out in horror.