Monday the 14th of March

Opening Monologue: Gideon Roberts is sitting at his desk and looks exhausted. He picks up the cigarette and takes a puff while looking at a picture of a woman. Gideon looks happy in photo. He goes back to his typewriter. “Monday’s report - denied. Here is what we should do about the excision, but I don’t know how much time I have left.” He pulls out a six shooter and loads bullets and holsters it.

Tuesday the 15th of March

Mira meets with Gideon. He is super distracted but mentions that Sheriff Pokoli has more information about the animal attacks that happened on the Indian reservation.

We head over to the Rook and Pawn to meet with Detective Pierce. He shows up with two squad cars. Last night there was an incident at the detention center and Edwin Shears was burned to death. Jerry asked the Detective, “Who else is considered a potential suspect?” Only Alice and Dr. Ross. He hands a grainy image of someone who looks like Antonin Levron. He tells us that Kwatoko is a hard man to get information out of.

All our alibis check out.

Mira and Peya go to the Sheriff station to ask some questions. We met with Sheriff Pokoli and found out that at least three attacks have happened at night. Mira gives her card to him to share any information that they learn about the animal attacks.

Everyone travels to the Casino. Jerry asks about the animal attacks, they think it might be a skinwalker. Triston asks around and finds out that there are a lot of stoners working at the casino. Dante asks some older casino guests about what their favorite slots are.

When Peya gets back to the Rook and Pawn, the door is open. One of the Brother’s D enters and brings out a rock that was in a display case. There is a note wrapped around it. It says “We’re watching” with an upside down eye. The video footage from the security cameras show that the door opened and someone tossed the rock in, but they didn’t take anything.

When Dante gets home, he hears whispering “Dante” and then has a weird out of body experience where he feels an attraction to the heart of the mountain.

Recap from last session

Sunday the 13th of March

Opening Monologue: A massive human wearing a jean jacket is typing on a tiny laptop. He is very focused but angry. As he is walking down the street in the rain, he passes a liquor store and has white knuckles. He gets to his apartment, picks up his mail. At his door, he picks up an expensive bottle of vodka on his doorstep. He goes inside. He reads through the mail and sees a letter from his ex inviting him to her wedding. To not be triggered, he starts playing his guitar. As he gets into the music, a string breaks and he starts freaking out. He throws his guitar into the wall. The wall has a greenish glow. He hears a voice talking about the Doomslayer. He walks to the wall and pulls out a green helmet. He puts it on and the visor corrects the red that he’s been seeing and he goes demon hunting.

Mira offers Bianca and Alicia some protein and some drugs to help them sleep better. They are sisters and have a place to stay.

Guy spent the night hunting demons and then starts looking for a less broken guitar.

Triston was the only one staking out the hat shop.

Dante is working through his book.

Peya is setting up the pawn shop. As she gets ready, Guy walks in and asks if she has any guitars. As she answers he turns around and kicks the door open and jumps up to the top of Rook and Pawn as he is attempting to attack the darkness.

Jerry shows up and attacks and a third of the shadows. Guy knocks out another third of the shadows. Peya heads out to the door and sees Jerry and Guy attacking the “darkness”? Peya investigates, and she now can see the demonic shadows. She learns that the shadows are being created by someone in the alley.

Dante rolls up and sees the shadows. He creates an angelic shadow and attacks the bad shadows. Guy tried to get a chainsaw but was attacked by the shadows.

Peya heads to alleyway and sneaks up on a pale wide eyed person wearing a hooded cloak. She convinces her to leave and the shadows disapear as the cop cars show up.

Guy tries to sweet-talk the cops and ends up passing the breathalyzer test.

Peya chases after the shadow maker. She catches up and pins her down, but starts speaking an unknown language. Peya grabs onto her as she melds into the ground and then ends up on a couch somewhere.

Mira tries to clean the blood off of Guy, and gets only a minimal amount from him.

Jerry and Dante were able to calm down a bit from the shadow experience. We inform the Brothers D that Peya is missing.

Peya is laying on the sofa. There is an hispanic teenager who asks, “why did you follow me?” “I didn’t do anything, just what my sister told me to do.” “You have to leave.” This girl is Pricilla De La Cruz’s sister. In the picture, even though it is sunny there are shadows over Pricilla’s sister. “I wasn’t supposed to leave the house, I was just supposed to keep an eye on you.” “I’m grounded for ditching school.”

Triston hears a mom and a son pass the van “Joshua, you can’t do that”. They aren’t there anymore. Triston watched the store the whole time.

Jerry opens the door to the empty hat store. There is a couple wanting a hat, but they get offended by Jerry the maintanence guy. Triston follows the couple for a while to see if they are really engaged.

Peya leaves the De La Cruz residence. Runs into Brothers D and they both head back to the Rook and Pawn. When she gets back there is a wrapped note and the mirror that Peya lost.

After the AA meeting, Guy pours out the bottle of Vodka, and the camera zooms in on the bottle and it has a tag saying “Drink Me”.

Monday the 14th of March

On Monday at 7 in the morning we all meet up at the hat shop. Triston runs up to the shop owner and asks to buy a hat for his “friend” who got engaged. Guy ends up shopping for his ex girlfriends fiance.

Triston is able to pull the headband off of Alice, and she lashes out at Edwin. “You killed my mom and now you are having me do this.” Jerry knocks Edwin out for a bit.

Mira is able to check out on Alice’s mental state and sees that she is going into shock. She takes her outside where they are calling the cops.

Triston is trying to convince Edwin that he was on his side. Edwin is hoping to get the mirror to start his revenge on who had killed his wife.

Edwin racks up a lot of debt at the casino on the reservation, and “Kwatoko Kuwanwunu” said he can help with the debt if this psy device gets created. “Kwatoko Kuwanwunu” takes Edwins wife hostage. “Give it to me or she dies”. The device gets turned on and all monsters start to converge on the device because of the other mirror. The wife ends up getting trampled.

”The twelve of them have been running this city for too long”.

”Because there were two mirrors, the psy emitter went crazy”.

Edwin gets taken by the cops because there is a kidnapped person inside his apartment.

Triston tries to get an in to the investigation, but Detective Pierce says the earliest that we can meet with him is tomorrow.

At the morgue we can see that a burned body “Antonin Levron” (furderer) is pushed into the incinerator. He Fawkes his way out of the incinerator and burns Edwin.