Thursday the 10th of March

Peya and Jerry notice that Claire is missing and investigate where she went. Jerry texted her and they found her phone, but before their eyes the phone burns up. They report a missing Claire to the police Officer Hadley.

Dante, Triston, and Mira stop by Claire’s house and let her parents know that Claire is missing.

Meeting at the Rook and Pawn Mary, Claire’s mom asks us to meet her at the stacks.

Dante and Triston canvas the area and end up with four clues. Claire is not here Nothing out of the ordinary in the stacks There is a little bit of smoke in an alleyway Somebody’s watching you (homeless person in a cardboard tent)

Triston talks to the homeless person and investigates if they’ve seen anything weird: His name is Chris, and he has burns all the way up his neck. He doesn’t remember a lot. A guy took him to an abandoned factory, and doesn’t want to talk about it. What does he know about the abandoned factory: it is the abandoned fish factory

Mira attempts to treat Chris’ burns, and he goes in and out of lucidity. But he really needs mental help.

We head into the alley where there was smoke, and there are three burned bodies in a dumpster. They match the bodies of the three people who ran away from the police. Jerry calls Officer Hadley about the three bodies. Hadley informs us that we should contact Detective Pierce.

Detective Pierce comes and investigates the bodies. He makes calls to forensics and they’re going to check the bodies.

The bodies did belong to the group that attacked Claire, Jerry, and Peya.

Detective Pierce has our information if he has any further questions.

We head downtown. Nobody has heard of the fish factory. So we head to the Assembly Lines.

Mira has had no luck finding abandoned warehouses. There are several that are still working tonight.

Triston has found Tune Auto factory. Jerry is attempting to open the locked door. Jerry removed an exploding trap from the door. The first floor was absolutely empty.

We head down to the basement. The room is connected to four doors (coal chute). The TV is on and is on a loop of the alert about Claire missing and three burned bodies.

Peya is searching the boiler room. The loop is playing specifically on this tv You press a button and see a news clip from a year ago about a group of hikers who burned down a part of the lonely pinnacle mountain range and died.

Triston picks up an MRE Veggie Omelette and tries it.

Dante opens up one of the chutes and finds a male hostage. The other three chutes had hostages and one of them was Claire.

Jerry opens up a file cabinet and found a picture with Bronson Rees and us.

Mira ended up calling Detective Pierce to come and investigate this.

We hear a voice from the first floor, the kidnapper has kidnapped the girl.

Triston distracts him for a second. Dante tries to take money. Mira takes Claire upstairs and one of the hostages makes some noise but follows me.

The fight continues with the fight going well and poorly.

Peya is able to get the other two hostages out of the room as the furderer attempts to blow himself and everyone else up.

Jerry tried to stop the explosion and now the furderer is burning himself to death. His dying words are “why has it not exploded”.

Detective Pierce arrives and finds out that the furderer is a well connected hitman. And we were the next hits.

On our drive home, we were looking at the trapper keeper and we found six gold coins.

Recap from last session

We get paperwork proving that we are not just a bunch of normies poking our noses into things.

We split into two groups with Triston, Dante, and Mira are planning on checking out the Archivist from the card Sombra gave us. Claire, Peya, and Jerry were going to investigate potential locations for fire incidents.

Dante was able to get past The Guardian by guessing that the passcode was The Queen of Hearts. It turned out that The Archivist is known as Thane. He has taken the grasshopper leg and given us 4 hours each to study the library.

Mira looks into information about the bite marks happening around town. It looks like vampires are involved.

Triston is bored out of his mind and goes and gets donuts to give to everyone.

As we leave we see a large guy carrying a sword. Three witches stirring a pot.

Clair, Peya, and Jerry head over to the fire department to get information on potential fire locations. The three potential fire locations are Foothills, Stacks, and Downtown.

They head to the Stacks and Jerry hears a voice asking “Where is your friend?” It seems this was a trap for Triston and a gang of six Yellowjackets ambush them. A fight ensues and Peya is bruised.

The police show up and capture three of the Yellowjackets and process them for questioning.

Peya visits the Happy Maintenance Company and learns that Dr. J.D. Ross hired the company to install the Psy Emitter. He works at the University.