Friday the 18th of March

Opening Monologue: Courtesy of ChatGPT we learn that Dante has been spending his whole life searching for his parents. Dark forces conspire against him as he tries to figure out who he is. He also thinks the show is called Sinferno: Unveiling Shadows.


We make it to the Rook and Pawn and try to figure out what are we going to do about Kwatoko. We are interrupted by a knock at the door. Carter is a small framed man holding an umbrella in the open position wearing highly reflective goggles. He thinks he can help us out to break into the casino. He might be a famous hacker and knows a thing about doors. He thinks that there are only seven mirrors and not twelve of them. He likes to go by his codename “Rudger”.

Mira’s phone starts to buzz and she talks to Bianca and Alicia wanting to go out on the town.

Dante gets to his apartment and finds out that his place is broken into. He calls Officers Law and Justice. They can’t find anything that was missing, but it looks like they were looking for the ring of shadows

In the morning, Jerry hears a knock at his door and talks to a gothic missionary serving the great god of Hades.

That evening we are back on the Wirmaq reservation. Triston asks if Carter can handle the doors. Carter says there is one person in there bound and gagged. There appears to be a forest/swamp in there.

Triston opens the door. Once we all go inside, the door slams shut. Triston tries opening the doors over and over again and is freaked out by Carter being on the other side each time. Something attempts to shoot at Jerry and he blocks it. Triston blocks some of the next attempts. Dante opens up the door and sees darkness. There is a hole right on the other side of the door and there is a body at the bottom of the hole wrapped in vines. We drop down into the hole and Jerry cuts the body free and finds Kwantoko. He has been trapped in this house for the last two months. His brother is the werewolf. His name is Kwan2ku (also known as Moki). As he is cut out his eyes flicker red. “You have freed me”. He is a one note genie. He was trapped here by his shadow. There is something missing, a safe in the middle of the house.

We need to go through that door. It is covered in vines and bark so Mira drains the life force from the door and opens the door. There is an inhuman scream of “Noooooo” that echos through the house. There is a hallway on the other side of the door. Dante runs down the hallway and makes it to the other side. This door has tons of arcane symbols on it’s vortex. The symbols are wards to keep things out.

Jerry wishes that the shadows don’t exist anymore.

Dante touches the symbols and immediately it shatters. Dante hears an alarm goes off. He looks around and is in his apartment. He is in his pajamas.

Geeking Out

Peya: Enjoyed working with Carter, wary of Triston knowing about her underground connections Dante: Bonding experience from the Mansion break in Triston: Super unsure about his usefulness in the party Mira: Fun with Bianca and Alicia and we worked together as a team Jerry: My shadow shield is under strain

No End Credits this time

Recap from last session

Thursday the 17th of March

Opening Monologue: Peya sneaks over to her informant Absolem to ask a few questions. On her way there she had to pass O’Hare, Absolem’s white-haired muscle.

Jerry must’ve had a weaker constitution than the rest of the group and is still passed out from the peyote. The rest of the group hears a loud screech and discover a 10-15 foot tall werewolf type creature. Dante blows his arm off and the arm shrinks into what looks like a bag of skin.

The werewolf doubles back and attacks the shaman. Triston barrels into the werewolf, and the werewolf drops the shaman. Mira tries to push the werewolf over as Peya grabs Triston, and the werewolf sidesteps as Triston blocks Mira and they topple through the fire. Some mind control appears to have been happening.

The werewolf bolts and starts heading towards the casino. Mira is able to treat all of the burns from Triston.

We follow it to the Casino and Triston is backed up by the Sherif to go and investigate. The staff hasn’t seen anyone. Right as we are going to search, Kwatoko appears in the back and is winded. We get evicted from the Casino. Kwatoko had some rings on his fingers.

Triston and Dante fail to convince Sherif Pokoli that the mist exists. And we all drive home.

End Credits: We see Gideon slam against a wall smearing blood and panting. Two guys are wearing swat level protection and walk up to him. A guy with a briefcase walks up and says “you’ve been fighting this for a while”. Gideon says “I knew you would catch up sometime”.