Thursday the 17th of March

Opening Monologue: Walking down a quiet, dark alleyway, Peya slinked between two buildings towards her eventual destination. She took an indirect path towards her goal, not so worried about anyone knowing where she was going, but more to ensure that her quarry wouldn’t disappear in a puff of smoke if she approached too directly.

Absolem was an eccentric fellow, always suspicious of anyone and everyone, but then being a drug dealer and information broker tends to bring out the worst qualities in other people when their darkest secrets are unearthed. But he is good at what he does, and so Peya followed the predetermined steps to announce her arrival.

At the intersection before his hideout, Peya dropped off an envelope full of unmarked bills and nodded to O’Hare, the white haired muscle that prevented unwelcome visitors to Absolem. With the okay from O’Hare, Peya crossed the street and entered the building. After heading up the stairs and taking the second door on the left, she found Absolem sitting in a well-furnished office puffing away on a hookah pipe as he says “Peya, my dear friend, what can I do for you today?”


Jerry hasn’t gotten over the drugs and is just at the fire. We hear a screech and start heading south east. Dante investigates the loud noise and determines that it is not natural. He spots two red eyes off in the distance. As he gets closer the creature stands up to 10-15 feet. It has long shaggy hair covering it’s face. Dante goes up to attack and blows his arm off as he gallops away on three. Triston looks around and finds the arm, but it is shrinking. As it finishes shrinking it just looks like a bag of skin.

Dante continues to search for it and feels like we’re lagging behind. We hear a scream and then a shotgun blast. We bolt towards the scream. Triston makes it there and sees that the werewolf is holding the shaman and as he is squeezing, his arm is coming back. Triston is barreling into the werewolf, and the werewolf drops the shaman.

The rest of us show up and see that Triston is just standing there. Mira tries to push the werewolf over as Peya grabs Triston, and the werewolf sidesteps as Triston blocks Mira and they topple through the fire. Dante appears to be going under it’s spell.

The werewolf bolts and Peya tries to scare it with fire. And it looks for an alternate route. As Brother D tries to shoot the werewolf. The werewolf starts heading towards the casino. Mira is able to treat all of the burns from Triston.

We follow it to the Casino and Triston is backed up by the Sherif to go and do some investigation. The staff claims to not have seen anyone. Right as we are going to search, Kwatoko appears and is winded. We end up getting evicted from the Casino. Kwatoko had some rings on his fingers.

Triston and Dante fail to convince Sherif Pokoli that the mist exists. And we all drive home.

End Credits: We see Gideon slam against a wall smearing blood and panting. Two guys are wearing swat level protection and walk up to him. A guy with a briefcase walks up and says “you’ve been fighting this for a while”. Gideon says “I knew you would catch up sometime”.

Recap from last session

Wednesday the 16th of March

Opening Monologue: Mira mournes the death of her husband Solomon Grunderson who died six years ago from radiation poisoning while working at Cyrus Power.

Downtime: Peya fixes up the Rook and Pawn from the recent break-ins. Jerry builds devices to capture animals. Dante plans on going up to the mountain. Triston trains against the dogs and birds of Catalina. Mira spends time mourning over Solomon.

Dante goes up to the mountain and meets an old man sitting on the bank of a stream fishing. Says he saw a shadow of Dante continue up the trail. Says his name is “The Fisherman”.

Dante sees his shadow dissolve next to a giant tree. He casts shadows at the tree and his ring begins to vibrate. The shadows form into a mirror and Dante’s reflection asks if he has what it takes. The shadow chops off his arm and he now has a shadow arm. Triston ran up the mountain and helped him recover from the attack. Both Dante and Triston both hear “was it worth it?” as Triston just misses getting shot.

They rush down the mountain to Mira’s place. Where Mira treats Dante’s stump. Dante decides to quit teaching. Mira takes care of Triston’s vertigo with some crackers.

We meet up at midnight at the reservation to meet up with Sheriff Pokoli. Jerry and and Peya get there first and Peya inspects the Sheriff’s truck. It has a dreamcatcher on the back window and animal cages in back. Mira, Triston, and Dante show up and Jerry is immediately suspicious of Dante.

Dante and Jerry get into a fight and Dante gets hurt trying touch Jerry’s boomerang. We’re going to visit a shaman. We pile in the back of his truck. During the trip we see the wealth disparity between the casino and the rest of the reservation.

We leave the town and walk for about 30 minutes. In a clearing we see the shaman.

The shaman says that we’re here to hunt the skinwalkers. We need to succeed both spiritually and physically. Everyone takes a puff on the pipe and end up sharing a fever dream.

We cross the river to the west and walk through the desert. A tent has been ripped open and there is dried blood. Jerry investigates and sees animal tracks. Peya talks to the spirit in the tent and the spirit says that a beast killed him with sharp claws and teeth.

We follow the beast. Dante transforms into a bird to scout it out and lands on Jerry. Jerry becomes shaken instead of delirious.

Triston and Mira head into the nest. Jerry stays outside to watch. It seems like everything goes shades red and white. We wake up next to the shaman and feast on chicken.

End Credits: Gideon Roberts is doubled over and he is crawling as he puts a blood soaked envelope in a mailbox as he fires two shots off screen as he then runs off really slow.