Wednesday the 30th of March

Opening Monologue: Sun setting in the western desert. We see Detective Jude Pierce sitting on the edge of a fountain. He has a file in his hands with his name on it. Officer Law talks to him asking if he is still working on the case. He’ll never give up until he solves the case. Flashback to him meeting a brunette. Asking her out at a bar. Dating regularly. Getting married. Beautiful marriage. Has a baby. Goes back to Rock Bottom, before the Excision. The brunette and the baby are there, he approaches them. The baby is six months old. He hears gunshots, he reaches for his gun, and the brunette panics, grabs the baby but she trips. A large flash of green light happens. The baby isn’t moving. Cut to doctor saying the baby didn’t make it. Flash to her drinking a lot. Detective Pierce says we’ll get through this. She refuses to accept it. She is slowly deteriorating. She is driving and slams into someone. He arrives on the scene and sees that it was his car with the brunette in it.


Mira is going home and an older lady approaches her. Why didn’t you take our name. She is the mother-in-law of Solomon. She gets offended because Mira has no clue who she is. The lady slaps her.

Downtime: Peya: Goes to look into the last location of Alt-F4-Life with Dante Dante: Goes to look into the last location of Alt-F4-Life with Peya Triston: Explores who he was before being a hobo. He finds records of a man who died four years ago in an accident at Rock Bottom Mira: Spends time looking at Solomon’s shrine trying to remember the mother-in-law Lee: Spends some time trying to figure out why his powers change based on which djinn he brings. They are awakening a power from within himself

Looking into Alt-F4-Life in the trades and the door is open of the abandoned office that matches the address. They see an envelope hanging by a string. Peya opens the envelope. It says, sorry I lied to you, thank you for bringing him. I need to meet with you. Bring him. As they leave the office, the lights all turn out and the door locks behind them. Peya doesn’t share this information with Dante.

Cut to the van. Triston is trying to get some sleep. A notification comes on his phone asking him if he trusts the sender yet. It is the radio guy. Triston doesn’t trust them yet. Triston didn’t keep up his bargain at the golf course.

Peya at the Rook and Pawn, closing the shop up. Peya turns to Dante, and right then the door dings as an 8 foot tall minotaur comes in asking if they sell shoes. He then asks how much the 100” tv costs, and he has huge muscles. He is wearing a white shirt, slacks and jacket with a chain. It costs 200 dollars. Dante talks to him trying to get some information out of him. The bell dings again and Alicia and Bianca come in asking about the seedy underworld. The minotaur starts leaving. Peya gives Alicia and Bianca some information on where to meet up with “The Cleaner”.

Cut to Lee looking into Antonyn’s location from his connections. Where would somebody go to hide away. It seems like he has been going into the Cysec Industries. He goes to the Upper Grinds and sees a man sweating profusely. He is very out of it. As Lee tries to heal him, his eyes glaze over and he stops breathing. He hears someone say that you killed him. It appears that the trashcan said those words. Inside the trashcan is the djinn Fever. Fever buys his explanation that he didn’t kill the man. Fever says that his magic is called psynergy. The man died from overdosing from zest. Lee lets Mira know that the cops in the Upper Grinds know that a lot of deaths from zest are heat stroke.

Thursday the 31st of March

Dante invites the 86ers to go to the asylum as we go to Seventh Heaven for breakfast. We hear some conversations about zest having catastrophic deaths.

At the security area Dante is stopped and is asked who he is supposed to see. Dante asks the voice in his head, “I’ve gone by many names, but they call me Mellionus” Peya attempts to get some information but it didn’t work. The security names are Hank and Fred. A man in scrubs leaves the asylum and Mira chases after him.

Mira slips into Nick’s car. Mira asks him why he is giving out zest. His boss told him too. Mira then threatens Nick to not distribute the drugs and he needs to go home and rethink his life.

The rest of the 86ers are weirded out by Mira leaving his Subaru and the driver is just crying.

As Triston pulls out his gun, Peya recognizes that Triston now has a gun. We head back to the Rook and Pawn so Peya can check her registry. There is no Triston in the registry. Peya remembers that she talked to Triston about a gun, but Peya didn’t actually sell the gun. Triston brings up the fact that he googled himself. And he found out that a Triston died four years ago. The report does say that Triston left behind a wife and a son.

As we talk about checking out Cysec, Dante gets a phone call from Sharon. She talks about 100 other people who have died over that last two days who died from zest. Alexios had a burner phone where he was texting Nick. We get Nick’s phone number 520-674-3210. Dante tries to call Nick, and Nick doesn’t deal it anymore because of Mira. Triston runs outside and sees the minotaur (his name is Schmerple).

Triston reaches into the mist to learn through the relic. The rest of the 86ers go to Detective Pierce and Lee convinces him to see who Nick’s boss was. He was hired by a doctor Ada Kalli.

We arrive at the Asylum and schedule an appointment for tomorrow.

Downtime Peya: Works the case to learn about Ada Dante: Works the case to learn about Ada via the voices in his head Triston: Texts the number and he needs to talk to the Technomancer and goes to talk to Jeff Mira: Rests so she isn’t as drained Lee: Works with the Black Family to reduce his legal team

Dante asks Mellionus does know Ada. She prescribes medicine, and has worked there for 10 years. She is in charge of Zest. Peya works her underground network about Ada. She has a clean record. No connection to Cysec is known. She has had contact with many of the dealers in the underground.

Friday the 1st of April

We go to Ada Kalli. She says we look stressed. Where are you getting the zest. Both Dante and Triston are feeling an attraction to opposite places somewhere inside the asylum. Dante lets Ada know about the voice in his head. Dante goes to head towards Mellionus. Triston is feeling a pull towards the ‘B’ wing.

Mellionus wants her to do it. She is bound to him. Of all the crazies in this city he is the most dangerous. She tells us to relax since it is part of Mellionus’ plan. They didn’t need the money, they needed the dreams. Zest has been stopped.

Triston walks down the hallway. He hears “fancy seeing you here”. In a cell is Cyrus sitting in a cell with his missing arm bandaged up. Cyrus is infiltrating the asylum. Cyrus is Triston’s brother. “You’ve started using your gun again.”. Triston checks to see if his gun is still there. “Gatekeepers must’ve done a number on you.” What is this gun? It’s always been yours. Why don’t I remember it? You didn’t want to remember it, it caused too much pain. How do you know this? I’m your brother. What happened to me four years ago? You set off an excision and it made you crack. But I see that same blood-thirstyness has come back to you hasn’t it. Then orderlies take Triston back to the entrance.

Dante goes down the hallway and it is getting darker and darker. The door has a lot of bolts and locks on it, but it is propped open. He sees a man in a straight jacket rocking back and forth. Dante closes the door behind him. What do they call you. They know me as Jerry DuPointe. Weren’t you the one who brought me here? I’m the living embodiment of the shadows and of nightmares. “Do you want to take over this place with me?” “I think you’ll change your mind over time. How do you like your arm that I gave you.” What do you have going on here? Just feeding a bit of an army. “Can you do me a favor? Can you scratch my back?” Justification about Alexios’ death by zest was because of Alexios’ desires. “You need to tell Cyrus Rolland to get out of my asylum before I make him.” Dante leaves and heads towards Cyrus. The orderlies come and take him back to the security entrance.

Everyone works their way to the entrance.

Cut to police standing over a dead body. Detective Pierce turns the body over and see’s that it is Jessica, his ex-wife.

Geeking Out

Peya: Dante meeting at the Asylum trying to figure out Mellionus was Dante: Bonding with Peya working the case as well as with Mira Triston: Peya gets a hurt for causing an existential crisis about his gun and then opened up to the crew Mira: Help from Lee while interrogating Nick Lee: Crew grew together working the case

End Credits: Cut to scarred man (Razz) inside the office. Absolom is there and the scarred man comes in. We had a deal, what happened last time that you told someone you were their father. You killed Solomon. I’m not going to kill Dante and Peya, I’m going to kill you. Pull away and we hear a scream.

Cut to Detective Pierce. We finally got a lead on the explosion that happened four years ago. There is a hidden room that is blast resistant. There is the body of Solomon shot half dead.

Recap from last session

Saturday the 27th of March

Opening Monologue: Lee decides to reach out to his mother’s side of the family to get help since the Wilders aren’t even trying anymore. The Blacks have wanted to get into Catalina for some reason. Does the Black Family know more about what is happening in Catalina than he does?


Cut to the military field hospital. General Dreadmoore tells Peya and Dante that it is time to leave. They leave the hospital. Triston hears the conversation on his phone. When he opens up the door to van, he sees two armed skeletons standing outside the van. He slips between the two skeletons and their bayonets knock into each other and they collapse.

Mira and Lee arrive and Triston fills them in. On the radio, they hear about a grand plot about seven people. Lee creates a tunnel underneath the gates and they work our way to the hospital. Dante and Peya get picked up and we all get escorted out of the base.

Triston works on his disguises, and tests them out trying to break onto the military base. He does very well. Mira works her way downtown and discovers that there is a new drug circulating called ‘zest’ that increases one’s creativity. Lee meets with the legal team of the Black family.

Tuesday the 29th of March

That night at the Rook and Pawn, Peya receives a box from an old fashioned delivery person. Soon after Alicia and Bianca come in and ask what’s in the box? Inside the box is a mirror Peya had fixed. Instead of a white rabbit handle, the handle is of a smooth cat made of ivory.

Bianca asks Peya if she knows of anyone who deals in blood while Alicia practices playing a guitar.

Mira, while investigating ‘zest’, runs into Jessica. She is picking up some zest, but Mira transfers some of her life force to Jessica so she doesn’t end up taking the drug. Jessica spots two cops and disappears. Before she leaves, Mira learns that Jessica gets zest from a guy in scrubs. Side effects are “waves of heat, but then euphoria”. It costs $40 a shot.

Triston gives the gold coin to Marcus. He can’t work with the Technomancer because he thinks he has been burned by him. He takes the coin and hands over five gold coins to Triston. The coins are encoded with the entire group’s DNA and have a grinning cat on one side.

Dante at home hears a voice in his head. “Why haven’t you come yet, Dante?” “You were just telling me that you wanted to.” “Such a fickle mind.” “Come, or don’t come, it is your loss.” He texts everyone at 10pm, and only Triston is available. As he is heading out he gets a phone call from Sharon an acquaintance. Her husband is Alexios Galanopoulos a close friend. He died from heat stroke. “Something isn’t right, it is March, and he died from heat stroke.”

Lee is in Old Catalina trying to extract a brick from a historical building. Carter, with giant coke-bottle glasses, asks Lee if he can help. Lee finds the right brick, pulls it out and gets a metal triangle that has some weird etchings on it. Carter teleports into the building and starts knocking on bricks while Lee tries to leave but gets caught by Carter.

Dante and Triston get to the Galanopoulos household and Dante comforts Sharon. She hopes that the 86ers can get to the bottom of what happened. Alexios had been working at the university trying to get ends meet since he hadn’t published a book recently. Dante goes to their computer and looks at the unfinished manuscript. Triston asks Sharon if anything weird happened. He hadn’t brought anyone to the house. She had been visiting an art dealer, and when she got home Alexios was panting and died from heat stroke. Dante looks through Alexios’ phone. The phone says he was here all day. He takes the writing home with him. And will follow up with Sharon once he meets with the hospital.

Wednesday the 30th of March

The 86ers head to Ardeal Court. Triston calls Detective Pierce to try and get information about Alexios’ toxicology report. Triston adds Sharon to the call. Sharon faxes the permission. Mira checks over the report and sees there is an unusually high amount of vitamin C. His funeral will be in two days.

  • Need to follow up on the mirror.
  • Antonyn Levron is still out there
  • Zest is being introduced to Catalina
  • Alt-F4-Life’s last location
  • DA giving Lee problems, but the Black family is taking care of it

Peya examines the mirror and enters the mirror-verse. She is in a room with a 13 point star. She sees Kwantoko seated at a chair to her right. On the left is General Dreadmoore. The other spots at the points of the star have people, but they are in shadows. They are just writing things down. Kwantoko looks up and sees Peya. Kwantoko paid good money for the mirror but he didn’t get it. He wants to make a deal to get more mirrors.

End Credits Cut to Bianca and Alicia at 72 below. They are talking to someone to get some zest from a man in scrubs. Camera pans to a man with a scar on his face eating dinner when Marcus asks him how his stay has been. He is planning on staying indefinitely.