Saturday the 12th of March

We break the fight up. And we all head back home.

Dante spends some time with the Archivist Thane at 2 in the morning. He is reading up on the mayor. He feels like there isn’t something right with the Mayor. Jack and Maddison Sinferno (Dante’s parents) were in a photograph with the first mayoral run.

In the van, Jerry mentions that the same shadows had been following him for weeks.

After dropping Peya off I end up running into a car that Bianca was driving. Bianca and Eleesha coughs up blood, and as I attempt to help her, I end up blacking out.

Lucas (M’kay) has an appointment with Olivia Andrews, and as he enters the building and sees the door smashed in. As he inspects the damaged office building he notices a body stuffed into a closet. It was Olivia Andrews. It looks like she was brutally murdered. It doesn’t look like it was a break in, she was specifically targeted. It looks like it was just one person. There was a mirror on the ground.

As I’m waking up I notice that I’m not hurt anymore. I get a call informing me that the girls are in perfect health and that I now have their insurrance information.

Jerry wakes up and decides that death is not in the cards for Dante. He sees a lot of shadows. He is feeling a little tired.

Peya, Mira, Triston meet up with Sombra. It is still wet outside. Sombra says that the mayor has been in his position for a long time. He looks the same in every photo they have of him. Sombra hasn’t found any records prior to him being elected 24 years ago. (Sombra remembers the excision) Ever since the excision, people are now thinking Reina Roja will probably win the election. She does have a latina accent.

At the office of Alawi Madani. Lucas is the priest who gave Alawi the mirror. This happens to be the same mirror that he gave Alawi it a week ago. Alawi had sold the mirror to Peya just a week ago.

Peya is investigating into the Mayor. She’s looking into the key supporters of the Mayor. She finds that a key supporter of the mayor is his secretary Eva Bardains. And hears Lucas enter the store. Lucas asks about her less than legal means. He wants to make something disapear. Something that belonged to Oliva Andrews. Lucas is the definition of average. Pretty forgettable guy. The mirror was stolen from Peya along with the number of Andrews.

Jerry reaches out to Dante, but Dante is ignoring his phone. And his business is calling him to come into work today.

Triston ends up calling Peya and asks her about Reina Roja. Mira ends up driving Triston over to the Rook and Pawn. Peya lets us know about Eva. She happens to be the deputy mayor.

Dante finally wakes up and want to head to Catalina orphanage. He heads over and sees Sister Leah. She happens to be very unhelpful. A man in a dark hat said “this is part of the deal” and dropped off Dante to the orphanage. As she looks deeper into the picture, she does recognize that the baby from the picture was Dante. The dark man has come two other times since then. He is 6’2” always in a dark trenchcoat with a hat that always covers his eyes. He does have a scar on the right side of his face.

Dante calls Jerry it goes to voicemail. Ends up calling Mira and is heading over to the Rook and Pawn. Jerry is covering for three people at work.

Lucas heads over to St. Luke’s cathederal to perform Saturday mass. For mass he is a blind priest with a fake beard to look older. After everyone else has left, someone shuffles up and asks “Father, there is a man outside, he is looking for you. He doesn’t look like a good man.” Lucas heads out back still in his priests robe. “Nice getup, Lucas. How long do you think you can fool, those who want to do God’s rule.” “Don’t ever talk to Peya again.” He heads back in to do confessions.

Back at the Rook and Pawn, we get caught up from Dante. And then head over to Mass. Dante stays outside and then tries to follow a beat up old man, but he only hears demons. Lucas befriends Triston with food.

We see three people dressed up in derby hats. When the father/priest leaves the three people follow him. He teleports away and is now Lucas instead of as the priest. As he meets up with the group again. The three people in derby hats seem like they aren’t connected to reality. So we book it out of the church.

As we leave in our car, we are being followed. We make it to Automatic Repair. and Lucas tries to deescalate the situation and rolls snake eyes. Triston attempts to take the hit and catches the baton. Dante attempts to beat the snot out of them. As the hat falls off of one of the men, his trance breaks and he ends up running away. Jerry attempts to run over the other two men in derby hats and knocks them against the fence. Lucas asks Triston to put the hat on.

Triston tries to get Runts from the candy machine, and has this weird flashback “Joshua?”

Jerry stomps over to Dante, and complains that the shadows has been plaguing him. Dante will try to convince the shadows to leave Jerry alone. Lucas explains that he had the mirror, and then Peya and Lucas fill us in on the mirror situation.

Police show up. Officers Law and Justice. As they manhandle the hat, a card falls out. The 12/10ths is the card and shocks Triston. Peya checks out the card and sees that it is the same kind of card that Miss “A” had when she broke into the Rook and Pawn. The card looks like it was made from a standard electronic kit. Jerry’s hat says 4/2. Lucas thinks there is a card in his hat as well. It says 6/4

Lucas sticks the circuit to his head, goes limp and then starts walking off. Peya knocks the card off of his head. And we head to the Cathedral.

Lucas takes us down to his cellar hideout. The decor is very classy/expensive. It has a beautiful kitchen. Triston asks Lucas to cook the veggie omlette MRE. Lucas will make him one better. He makes French Omlettes and Croque Missuer.

Jerry is trying to make a contraption so we can get the card off of his head. Mira ties a string to the hat to act as a failsafe.

We work our way to a closed hat shop named A Hat in Time. It opens monday morning. Jerry attempts to open the door and is able to pick the lock and hides the break in.

Dante looks on the desk and is owned by Edwin Shear. We put the hat back on Lucas. All it does it take him back to the entrance. The other cards either did nothing or shocked him.

Mira gets home. And meets Bianca and Eleesha. The end.

Geeking Out

We were able to grow as a team and came up with the plan for the hat.

Recap from last session

The Rook and Pawn was broken into, and Peya learned that the mysterious ‘A’ stole a number of one Olivia Andrews.

At 7th Heaven, Triston and Mira are eating a meal. Mira takes Jessica to Walmart to get more albuterol.

Detective Pierce shows up and grills Triston about why he is at the soup kitchen. As Pierce leaves his cigarette lights in very well timed manner.

We make our way to 72 below. We insert five coins. We have one coin left. We are told to not use our weapons. He tattoos our right wrists and we are now members of The Continental. We follow the stewardess who takes us to the Lounge.

We almost recognize a couple of people on our way to the booth. We notice Sombra enter. She mentions the stolen mirror. She was passing through the Highlands (Pomegranate Park) and heard two people talk about late night break ins and stolen mirrors.

As we leave The Continental we are apprehended by four leather clad hooligan vampires. They want us to get their permission before hunting.

We’re going to the hospital (Ardeal Court). We found a victim who was drained of blood in Pomegranate Park. South side of town.

We’re going to talk to the police at the crime scene. Jerry finds out that only tracks are leading away from the victim. Not leading toward the victim. No blood on the scene. The tracks are boot prints.

Jerry attacks the darkness. Peya blocks a shadow attack. Dante is creating dinosaur shadows to attack the darkness. The two cops are probably the two zomies that attacked us from behind.

Jerry punches Dante’s lights out because his shadows hadn’t been dismissed.