Friday the 11th of March

Peya looks into the break in at the Rook and Pawn and learns that in the girls headband, there is something that looks like an index card. - Did she take anything else? Yes, she took a post it note off of the computer. It was the number of Olivia Andrews (a crime lord in the area)

Peya goes to sleep and somehow ends up in the Stacks. It is strangely empty, but finds a building that is on fire. She approaches the fire, and Peya sees the furderer laughing. She runs to get help, but as she turns around, she runs into the arsonist (furderer). He says, “You think you’re free of me, but I’ve only just begun”. Peya wakes up lightly fevered

Downtime Jerry and Triston work on recovering from the fire Dante is sleeping off a headache Mira is looking into who is causing the animal bites Peya reaches out to find more about the intruder

At 7th Heaven, Triston and Mira are eating a meal. Jessica, a homeless person, collapses at 7th Heaven. Mira finds an almost expired inhaler, gives her a couple of puffs of it, and finds out she is out of meds. She wants to give her albuterol, and takes her to Walmart.

Detective Pierce shows up and Jessica wants to go out the back way. Detective Pierce grills Triston about why he is at the soup kitchen. Triston fills Detective Pierce in on Chris, and the furderer’s future attempts. Claire is in the ICU and protected by a few guards. As Pierce leaves his cigarette lights in very well timed manner.

We make our way to 72 below. Jerry is underdressed. We insert five coins. We have one coin left. We are told to not use our weapons. He tattoos our right wrists and we are now members of The Continental. We follow the stewardess who takes us to the Lounge.

We almost recognize a couple of people on our way to the booth. We notice Sombra enter. She sidles on over to us. She mentions the stolen mirror. She was passing through the Highlands (Pomegranate Park) and heard two people talk about late night break ins and stolen mirrors.

The rules are: No killing people on continental grounds No “Business” allowed on site

Triston notices that Mayor Jackson Panier is there, but runs into a large statured man. He asks “what are you doing?”, “just looking around? You’re looking around in the wrong spot.” Is Triston a narc?

As we leave The Continental we are apprehended by four leather clad hooligan vampires. They want us to get their permission before hunting. Lots of attacks happening recently. Don’t kill anyone else on the north side of town. They are the hunters who have been attacking people.

Two girls were trying to use fake ids to get into the bar, one of them was named Bianca.

We’re going to the hospital (Ardeal Court). We found a victim who was drained of blood in Pomegranate Park. South side of town.

We’re going to talk to the police at the crime scene. Jerry finds out that only tracks are leading away from the victim. Not leading toward the victim. No blood on the scene. The tracks are boot prints.

Jerry hears voices asking what he is doing here. Triston saw shadows. Dante doesn’t see any cops. Jerry attacks the darkness. Peya blocks a shadow attack. Dante is creating dinosaur shadows to attack the darkness. Triston gives the shadow dinosaurs a planned strike. And takes an ethereal wound. Mira transfers some of her life force to help Triston get better.

Two lifeless bodies are getting off the grounds behind us. Jerry double jumps to the zombies. Dante finishes off the shadows with his shadow dinosaur. Peya reduced the shadow by one. Mira misses the attack from draining their life force.

Triston tries to ethereally thwack them but protects himself. Dante hits them for one to finish the shadows off. Jerry punches Dante because his shadows hadn’t been dismissed.

Recap from last session

Peya and Jerry notice that Claire is missing and investigate where she went. They find her phone but it burns up. They report a missing Claire to the police Officer Hadley.

Triston talks to homeless person Chris who has burns all the way up his neck. He doesn’t remember a lot. A guy took him to an abandoned fish factory.

In an alley there are three burned bodies in a dumpster. They match the bodies of the three people who ran away from the police. Jerry calls Officer Hadley about the three bodies who says to talk to Detective Pierce.

We head to the Assembly Lines where we find Tune Auto factory. Jerry removed an exploding trap from the door to the factory.

In the basement we found a TV on a loop of the alert about Claire missing and three burned bodies.

Triston picks up a Veggie Omelette MRE and tries it.

Inside four chutes in the basement we find three hostages and Claire.

Jerry opens up a file cabinet and found a picture with Bronson Rees and us along with a lot of money.

Mira calls Detective Pierce right before the furderer comes home.

Triston distracts him for a second. Dante tries to take the money. Mira takes Claire upstairs and one of the hostages.

Peya is able to get the other two hostages out of the room as the furderer attempts to blow himself and everyone else up.

Jerry tried to stop the explosion and now the furderer is burning himself to death. His dying words are “why has it not exploded”.

Detective Pierce arrives and finds out that the furderer is a well connected hitman. And we were the next hits. Detective Pierce is warming up to Triston

On our drive home, we were looking at the trapper keeper and we found six gold coins.