Monday The 4th of April

Opening Monologue: [Opening scene: Dante is sitting alone in his apartment, his expression haunted as he stares into the distance. The room is dimly lit, casting shadows across his face as he speaks.]

Dante: They say the past has a way of catching up with you. But what they don’t tell you is that sometimes, the past can come back to haunt you in the most unexpected of ways.

[He takes a deep breath, his voice trembling with emotion.]

Dante: I’ll never forget the day I saw Jerry again. It was like a punch to the gut, a shock to the system. Because, I thought he was dead. Dead and gone, lost to me forever.

[His hands clench into fists, his knuckles white with tension.]

Dante: I remember standing there in that asylum, staring at him in disbelief. He looked different, older somehow, but it was him. It was Jerry. And all the memories came flooding back, memories I thought I’d buried deep, memories of a time when we were inseparable.

[His voice grows softer, filled with longing.]

Dante: But then reality came crashing down around me. He wasn’t the same Jerry I remembered. He was broken, shattered by the weight of his own actions. And I couldn’t help but feel responsible, guilty for leaving him behind, for not being there when he needed me the most.

[His eyes glisten with unshed tears, the pain of the past still fresh in his mind.]

Dante: He wished away all the shadows in the world, thinking it would bring an end to the darkness. But instead, it brought me face to face with my own demons, with the consequences of my actions.

[He bows his head, his voice barely a whisper.]

Dante: Jerry may be alive, but he’s not the same person he used to be. And I can’t help but wonder if I’ll ever be able to make things right, if I’ll ever be able to atone for the mistakes of my past.

[The scene fades to black as Dante’s words linger in the air, the weight of his trauma palpable.]


Downtime: Peya: Calls Dante, and plans to meet up with him to meet up with Absolom, but Absolom doesn’t show Dante: Meets up with Sharon to mourn over Alexios’ death Triston: Meets with the Technomancer, and there isn’t anything there. “You’re looking for him? He’s gone. Nobody has seen him in a long time. Nobody knows where he went. He is currently unavailable” Mira: Looks through Solomon’s things and gets a package with a typed out card that says “Hope this Solves some mysteries” inside the package, I get information about Solomon’s father. His “name” is Augustine Grunderson. Lee: Doing real estate, his brother is Stan Wilder

With Absolom not showing up in the single office, Peya and Dante hear a knocking sound. Peya opens the door and sees a delivery driver holding a large package. Peya signs for it. The package has an image with a grinning cat surrounded by archaic runes written on it. It is for Peya. Peya tries to open it but fails. Dante tries to read the runes, and they say: This represents the physical world when in contact with the spiritual world. When they are together true power will be obtained. As Dante casts a spell to open it, the box begins to spin really fast, and a projection of Absolom speaks saying that he wasn’t able to talk to you about being your son. He looks at both Peya and Dante as he talks about his children. Inside the box is a wooden sphere. The edges have the archaic runes around the wooden world. When Dante reads them, it seems like they are only fragments of sentences.

As Peya investigates the room, no notes or letters left behind, but found his body. He died because of a significant amount of burns. Looks like Antonyn Levron killed him. Peya has a breakdown when she found his body. A fire bomb goes off and Dante gets 2nd degree burns while Peya gets 1st degree burns.

Lee gets a call from Gale (Stan’s wife) asking if she has heard from Stan. He has been missing for a couple of days. He was taking care of some business, but he never came back. He did have a single office that he worked out of. It was attached to a grocery store in Central. Lee heads over, and there are police cars everywhere. Peya and Dante are in the back of an ambulance. Lee texts the group and lets Triston and Mira know about the accident.

Triston receives a text from the radio guy. He lets Triston knows that CySec is involved. Triston gets a list of four employees, we can scan their badges and get credentials into CySec. Adam Ackler, Barry Berringer, Charlie Chapman, Douglas Donahue are the employees to go after.

Can somebody ask the Reaper if he can get some clearance. Lee sees a grizzled old man turns around asking who wants to do see their friends. Officers Law and Justice tell Lee to not mess with Pym Reaper.

Peya and Dante see the oldest officer we’ve ever seen. Peya tries to talk to Pym, and he says that Dante was covered in accelerant. Dante tries to convince Pym that he isn’t guilty. Pym now has the sphere. Pym says only Triston is missing. Triston immediately is there next to Pym. Pym calls out Detective Pierce for not getting Triston for all the crimes he committed. Mira is also pulled to Pym.

Triston tries to talk his way out of Pym’s reasoning, but Pym is convinced that the 86ers are up to no good. Pym shows a warrant for Triston because of his pistol. The 86ers are now detained (minus Mira).

Dante explains that Absolom was the one who was killed, and he was killed by Antonyn Levron. Stan sold insurance. Lee shows a picture of his brother, which matches the picture of Solomon’s father, and of Absolom and of Jack Sinferno. Absolom was Peya’s mentor and turns out also his father.

Triston fades out a bit and sees a vision of a woman and a son. She glares a bit and then smiles lovingly. Triston overcomes his hate. Triston is Absolom’s father.


As we approach the end of the season, think about final monologue (1 or 2 sentences to sum up things from your characters from previous sessions)

Geeking Out

Peya: Grow as a team, trust with Dante Dante: Helps with the whole crew because Dante has more family Triston: The team is all related, Mira: Grow as a team by finding out how everyone is related Lee: Crew growing together

End Credits: New episode next time

Recap from last session

Wednesday the 30th of March

Opening Monologue: Detective Jude Pierce is looking at a file with Pierce, J on it. There is a montage showing him meeting his wife, getting married, having a baby, gunshots and excision happens that scare his wife and the baby dying, their marriage falling apart, and then his wife getting into a car accident with his car.


Mira gets slapped by her unknown mother-in-law. She still has no idea who she is.

Downtime: Peya and Dante: Go to look into the last location of Alt-F4-Life Triston: Googles himself and finds a record of a man who died four years ago in an accident at Rock Bottom Mira: Goes through Solomon’s things trying to remember the mother-in-law Lee: Looks into why his powers change based on the djinn

Looking into Alt-F4-Life, Peya finds an envelope. It says, sorry I lied to you, thank you for bringing him. I need to meet with you. Bring him. As they leave the office, the lights all turn out and the door locks behind them. Peya doesn’t share this information with Dante.

Triston communicates on his phone with the radio guy. The hacker says he didn’t keep up his bargain with the Technomancer at the golf course.

Peya at the Rook and Pawn meets an 8 foot tall minotaur named Schmerple asking if they sell shoes or televisions. He can’t afford the $800 the tv costs and leaves. Alicia and Bianca come in and ask for information about a blood dealer. Peya hooks them up with ‘The Cleaner’.

Lee looks into Antonyn’s location and he has been going to Cysec. He goes to the Upper Grinds and runs into a man dying from zest. As Lee tries to heal him, his eyes glaze over and he stops breathing. He meets up with the djinn Fever and lets Mira know about the zest deaths.

Thursday the 31st of March

86ers go to the asylum and are stopped by security. Dante talks to the voice in his head and asks for Mellionus. Nobody is there by that name. A man in scrubs leaves the asylum and Mira chases after him. Mira slips into his car and asks why he is giving out zest. His boss told him too. Mira then threatens the man (his name is Nick) to not distribute the drugs and he needs to go home and rethink his life. The rest of the 86ers are weirded out by Mira leaving his Subaru and the driver is just crying.

Triston pulls out his gun and Peya doesn’t remember actually selling a gun to him. There is no Triston in her sales registry. Peya remembers that she talked to Triston about a gun, but Peya didn’t actually sell the gun. Triston brings up the fact that he googled himself. And he found out that a Triston died four years ago. The report does say that Triston left behind a wife and a son.

Dante gets a phone call from Sharon. She mentions that 100 other people have died from zest. Alexios had a burner phone where he was texting Nick. We get Nick’s phone number and it turns out to be Nick.

Triston reaches into the mist to learn through the relic. The rest of the 86ers go to Detective Pierce and Lee convinces him to see who Nick’s boss was. He was hired by a doctor Ada Kalli. We schedule a meeting to meet with her for tomorrow.

Friday the 1st of April

We go to Ada Kalli. Both Dante and Triston are feeling a pull to opposite places in the asylum. Dante goes to head towards Mellionus. while Triston goes towards the ‘B’ wing. Mira tells Ada to stop the zest, and she says they will.

Triston runs into Cyrus and he says “fancy seeing you here”. Cyrus in in a cell with his missing arm bandaged up. He is infiltrating the asylum. Cyrus is Triston’s brother and talks about his gun. “Gatekeepers must’ve done a number on you.” Triston asks about his gun, and he says it has always been Triston’s. Why don’t I remember it? You didn’t want to remember it, it caused too much pain. “What happened to me four years ago?” You set off an excision and it made you crack. But I see that same blood-thirstiness has come back to you hasn’t it. After that orderlies take Triston back to the entrance.

Dante goes down a dark hallway and sees a man in a straight jacket. What do they call you. They know me as Jerry DuPointe. Weren’t you the one who brought me here? I’m the living embodiment of the shadows and of nightmares. “Do you want to take over this place with me?” “How do you like your arm that I gave you.” Dante leaves and heads towards Cyrus. The orderlies come and take him back to the security entrance.

Everyone works their way to the entrance.

Cut to police standing over a dead body. Detective Pierce turns the body over and see’s that it is Jessica, his ex-wife.

End Credits: Cut to the scarred man (Razz) inside the office. Absolom is there. We had a deal, what happened last time that you told someone you were their father. You killed Solomon. I’m not going to kill Dante and Peya, I’m going to kill you. We hear a scream.

Cut to Detective Pierce. We finally got a lead on the explosion that happened four years ago. There is a hidden room that is blast resistant. There is the body of Solomon shot half dead.