Wednesday the 9th of March

We check in with Roberts at Saguaro Insurance to let him know about Bronson Rees and Saramar Ranch.

We then go to check out the club 72 Below, but can’t get in because we don’t have memberhsip coins. Sombra sees us and invites us to chat with her over at Seventh Heaven. She mentions that she has been watching people going in and out of 72 Below. She has membership, but doesn’t want to go in since she thinks people are watching her.

She lets us know that Mayor Jackson Panier leads a potential double life.

Detective Pierce interrupts our lunch and takes Triston away since he is the main suspect since two scrappers were burned to death. Also, Saramar Ranch has been burned to the ground.

After we extricate Triston from police custody, we head out to Saramar Ranch to see the burned remains for ourselves. We end up picking up some of the accelerant that was used to start the fire, and head back into Catalina proper.

We are stopped by special agents Brock Atkins and Deegan Hicks since we seem pretty suspicious looking into the fires. We’ll need to get some official licenses to not have to try and prove ourselves innocent everytime we look into anything.

Recap from last session

Talked to Robert’s about our investigation from last night. He said, “be careful of the two suited thugs”

Peya investigates the electronic doo-hickey and learns that the device was potentially a charger for the big vacuum looking device.

Mira and Peya investigate Ground Zero to scope out the Excision. We catch up with the rest of the group who were driving around in the van using a modified radio to try and find the mysterious signals and are ambushed by a giant insect.

Triston is able to use his contagious bad luck to redirect the insect’s hit from breaking the radio and instead it destroys the tire.

A purple haired motorcyclist was following the giant insect. She said it had appeared next to the Discotek 72 Below. She says her name is Sombra and hands us a blank card and tells us to talk to The Archivist.

We head out to Saramar Ranch in the Infernal Grasslands to visit the cowboy. There are leathery balloons 100 yards in the air with multiple ropes tied to them.

We approach the house and a man threatens us and wants us to just leave. We try to convince him to tell us about Watson. He does seem to know who he is. It appears that Bronson has been controlling these insects, but that a telepathic signal appeared at the same time as the excision and has been controlling the insects.

Watson had met the many faces.