Sunday The 27th of March

Opening Monologue: Lee closes the door to his office after meeting with a family. He tries to get the manor, his mothers side the Blacks might be able to get the manor back since the Wilders aren’t even trying. He texted a number that might disappear tomorrow, he is hoping that the Blacks will be able to get help, since they wanted to get into Catalina for some reason. Does the Black family know more about what is happening in Catalina than Lee does?


Cuts back to the military facility. General Dreadmoore looks at Peya and Dante and says that it is time to leave. They leave the hospital. Triston can hear the conversation on his phone. When he opens up the door to van, he sees two armed skeletons standing outside the van. He slips between the two skeletons and their bayonets knock each other and they collapse.

Mira and Lee arrive and Triston fills them in. After listening on the radio, we hear about a grand plot about seven people. Lee creates a tunnel underneath the gates. We go through onto the other side. We work our way to the hospital, and see Dante and Peya being escorted out. And we all get escorted out of the base.

Downtime: Peya: Focuses on her ruthless businesswoman Dante: Orphans it up. Triston: Works on his disguises, and tests them out trying to break onto the military base. He does very well. Mira: Batman’s her way through downtown and notices that there is a new drug circulating called ‘zest’ that increases one’s creativity. Lee: Meets with the legal team of the black family.

Cut to two days later.

Tuesday the 29th of March

That night at the Rook and Pawn, Peya receives a box. The person isn’t a regular delivery person, in regular street clothes and a bit old fashioned. And then Alicia and Bianca come in right before closing time. “What’s in the box?” They jump up on the counter and are excited about the surprise.

Opening the box, inside is a mirror. The back has the fine 13 point star, but the glass has been repaired. Not replaced. Instead of white rabbit handle, the handle is a smooth cat made of ivory.

Alicia picks up a guitar and starts playing. You can tell she is still learning. How did you get all your underground contacts? Peya says she will look into blood dealers.

Mira is out investigating the ‘zest’ and runs into Jessica. She is picking up some of the drug, but Mira transfers some of her life force to Jessica so she doesn’t end up taking the drug. Mira sees two cops on patrol, and Jessica just skidadles. Jessica gets hers from the guy in the scrubs. Side effects are “waves of heat, but then euphoria”. She started painting again. “Odd favors, $40 a shot”.

Triston goes to give the gold coin to Marcus. The Technomancer doesn’t trust Marcus since he thinks he has been burned by him. He takes the gold coin from Triston and looks at the coin. And hands over five gold coins to Triston. Still has a thirteen point star on one side, but on the other side is a grinning cat. The coins are encoded with the entire group’s DNA. No business can be done on continental grounds.

Dante is at home and hears a voice in his head. “Why haven’t you come yet, Dante?” “You were just telling me that you did want to.” “Such a fickle mind.” “Come, or don’t come, it is your loss.” He texts everyone at 10pm, and Triston is available. As he is heading out he gets a phone call from Sharon, she is an acquaintance. Her husband is Alexios Galanopoulos a close friend. He is dead, he died from heat stroke. “Something isn’t right, it is March, and he died from heat stroke.” Dante is going to head on over with Triston.

Lee is in Old Catalina trying to extract a brick from a historical building. A man with giant coke-bottle glasses (Carter) asks Lee if he can watch. He is wearing tons of sweaters and a trenchcoat. Lee finds the right brick, pulls it out and pulls out a metal triangle that has some weird etchings on it. The sweater man teleports into the building before Lee. Starts knocking on bricks and then Lee tries to leave but gets caught by Carter.

Dante and Triston gets to the Galanopoulos household and comforts Sharon. She reaches out to Dante hoping that the 86ers can get to the bottom of what happened. Alexios had been working at the university trying to get ends meet since he hadn’t published a book recently. He started writing again six months ago. Dante goes to Alexios’ computer and looks at the manuscript. Triston asks Sharon if anything weird happened. He hadn’t brought anyone to the house. She hadn’t been at home, and when she got home Alexios was panting and died from heat stroke. She had been with an art dealer. Triston looks into something about the home. Dante finishes reading the book, and looks through Alexios’ phone. The phone says he was here all day. He also looks through the phone and there wasn’t anyone else at the home. He takes the writing home with him. And will follow up with Sharon once he meets with the hospital.

Wednesday the 30th of March

The 86ers head over to Ardeal Court. Triston calls Detective Pierce to try and get information about Alexios’ toxicology report. Detective Pierce has been on the force for 17 years. Triston adds Sharon to the call. Trying to get the toxicology report. Sharon faxes the permission. Mira checks over the report and sees there is an unusually high amount of vitamin c. His funeral will be in two days.

Need to follow up on the mirror. Antonyn Levron is still out there Zest is being introduced to Catalina Alt-F4-Life’s last location DA giving Lee-gal problems, but Black family is taking care of it

Peya examines the mirror with her legendary smarts. It appears that the mirror reflects a different ownership now. The reflection that Peya sees seems to pierce deep inside of her. Peya becomes a little weaker and it seems like she sees two versions of Peya and that one of her is pulled into a room with a 13 point star. It is similar to the room that Mira died in. Peya sees Kwantoko seated at a table. On the left is General Dreadmoore. The other spots at the points, there are people there, but they are in shadows. All the points of the star have people in them. They are just writing things down. Kwantoko looks up and sees Peya. Kwantoko paid good money for the mirror but he didn’t get it. He wants to make a deal to get more mirrors.

Geeking Out

Peya: Worked with Triston to break into the base with a disguise Dante: Help towards Mira to read the toxicology report, and one towards Peya for a mysterious reasons Triston: Bonding with Dante over Alexios’ investigation Mira: Worked well with the team to divide and conquer Lee: Frustrated by Dante texting in the middle of the night being invited to the asylum

End Credits: Cut to Bianca and Alicia at 72 below. They are talking to someone to get some zest from Pan to a man with a scar on his face eating dinner when Marcus asks him how his stay has been. He is planning on staying indefinitely.

Recap from last session

Saturday the 26th of March

Opening Monologue: Peya meets with her informant Absolem. Absolem reports that Alt F4 Life is possibly dead since there have been no signs of them during their last two scheduled information dumps. He gives Peya the last known address of Alt F4 Life. As Absolem gets up to leave, Peya confronts Absolem about hiding the fact that he is Dante’s father Jack Sinferno. Absolem turns the tables on Peya and reveals that he is also Peya’s father, which means that Dante is Peya’s half-brother.


Early in the morning Scarlett gets off the bus outside of the Rook and Pawn. Peya notices her early arrival and invites her in. She notices some bruises on the side of her face. Lee shows up hoping to be early and asks about the bruise, she got it from her ex-boyfriend. Triston wakes up from underneath the bench at the bus stop and heads into the Rook and Pawn.

Once everyone arrived, Scarlett shakes her head and asks if we found Avianna. She is clearly confused. Mira looks into the bruising and Scarlett says her ex-boyfriend made the pain stop. Her boyfriend is General Dreadmoore.

Lee attempts to heal Scarlett but causes her radiant damage. Mira drives Scarlett to the hospital.

As Dante checks Scarlett into the hospital, two military personnel go and enter Scarlett’s room. Triston hurries and hides in the closet. The soldier says to Scarlett, “You’re a bit confused, why don’t you come with us and we’ll get you all patched up.” And they escort Scarlett out of the back door.

Cut to Mira, who gave into her bloodlust and started draining the blood from someone with lacerations. In a moment of clarity, she notices the Furderer entering the wing where Claire is stationed. She texts Lee letting him know.

Triston, Dante, and Peya jump in the van and find the vehicle that the military guys are using since they are driving recklessly. They follow them to the base. Dante flies in and notices that next to the field hospital there are seven soldiers pacing back and forth raking mindlessly the few remaining leaves in the field.

Inside the hospital, Dante doesn’t find anything, it is totally empty. On a lower floor, Dante just sees one of the zombie soldiers just staring straight outside. Peya sneaks onto the base and meets up with Dante. They go down the stairs they hear some definitely not zombie moanings.

Cut to Lee, he is in the room with Claire, and hears a steady heart beat. He doesn’t see any other names on the guest book. Mira arrives and steps out of the way when they hear the door opening. It was Antonyn Levron, and he started booking out of the hospital. He is going under the fake name of Jerrick Smoulder. Lee goes to Claire’s parents and gets guardianship of Claire. And then updates the hospital’s guest list for Claire.

Triston gets a text message with a link and clicks on it. His phone restarts and it glows green. The caller claims that he has forgotten a promise that he made. He needs a radio transmitter. Triston refuses to help the hacker.

Cut back to Dante and Peya. Peya accidentally kicks the door open. Everyone in the room turns and looks at Peya. Dante admits that they broke into the base. Looking at General Dreadmoore, he appears very skull like. He says, “The hospital couldn’t help her. They have some healthy food here that “fixes” her.” Dante asks for her medical records. Her records say that she died three months ago. Beaten to death by her boyfriend. She is dead. Her boyfriend is dead. He calls it seeing past what others see. He knows about Mira and her state of death.

Cut to Triston, he decides to hook up his cellphone to the radio transmitter. Once he does, a radio tower starts blinking on the field hospital. Dreadmoore is preparing for a war that is coming. A line has been drawn. But he is willing to make a trade with Peya for the mirror. He hopes to have a little more influence. With his monologue he is gathering his pride around him.

Triston tells Mira and Lee that we’re about to Snap, Crackle, and Pop.

End Credits The scene ends with a person in a straight-jacket saying he is waiting for Dante.

General (Pride) Cyrus Rolland (Wrath) DA Office () Mayor () Casino (Gluttony) Moki (Envy)

Lust Greed Sloth - know

Jeff the Technomancer (sloth?)