Wednesday the 16th of March

Opening Monologue: Beware the ides of March. Luckily this year nothing out of the ordinary occurred, thank goodness, but it was still the anniversary of several important milestones in my life.

Ten years ago today I was married to Solomon Grunderson, an engineer for Cyrus Power where he researched alternative solutions for green energy. We both were heavily invested in our work and saw little of each other over those next few years. I was offered a position at Ardeal Court while he made several important breakthroughs on his assigned projects.

If only I had paid more attention to Solomon and not treated our marriage as one of convenience. Unknown to me at the time, the shielding at Cyrus Power’s testing labs was insufficient and Solomon ended up getting terribly sick from radiation poisoning. He passed away on our anniversary four years ago.

Downtime: Peya is fixing up the Rook and Pawn from the recent break-ins. Jerry is building devices to capture animals. Dante plans on going up to the mountain. Triston trains against the dogs and birds of Catalina. Mira spends time mourning over Solomon.

Dante goes up to the mountain and sees how green everything is. He walks up the trail after finding it blocked off by some fallen logs. There is an old man just sitting on the bank of a stream fishing. Says he saw a shadow of Dante, that it went up the trail. His name is “The Fisherman”.

Dante sees his shadow dissolve next to a giant tree. The closer he gets to the tree, his shadow ring starts to vibrate. He continues to cast shadows and as they are getting swallowed up, they form into a mirror. The reflection of Dante turns into a teenager who asks if he has what it takes. The shadow ends up chopping off his arm. And now he has a shadow arm instead. Triston ran up the mountain and helped him recover from the attack. Both Dante and Triston both hear “was it worth it?” as Triston just misses getting shot.

They rush down the mountain to Mira’s place. Where Mira wipes down Dante’s stump with disinfectant. As Dante looks at his cellphone he discovers that he has no desire to work anymore and quits his job. Mira takes care of Triston’s vertigo with some crackers.

We all meet up at midnight at the reservation to meet up with Sheriff Pokoli. Jerry and and Peya get there first in the Armor-wegon. Peya inspects the Sheriff’s truck. It has a dreamcatcher on the back window. In the back of the truck there are animal cages. Mira, Triston, and Dante show up and Jerry is immediately suspicious of Dante.

Dante and Jerry go toe-to-toe and Dante gets hurt trying touch Jerry’s boomerang. Lots of good feelings all around. Sheriff Pokoli asked if there was a fight going on. We’re going to visit a shaman. We all pile in the back of his truck. We see the wealth disparity with the reservation versus the casino. There is a mansion next to it.

We leave the town and make it to a darkened gate. We get out of the truck and walk in darkness for about 30 minutes. We make it through the clearing and see the shaman. Jerry checks to see if the shadows are moving normally.

We sit down on logs while the Sheriff sits in a chair waiting for the shaman to finish dancing. The shaman says that we’re here to hunt the skinwalkers. We need to succeed both spiritually and physically. Everyone takes a puff on the pipe and end up sharing a fever dream.

Peya picks a hen and the shaman asks her to pick an egg. The yolk comes out a grey color. We’re going to have to cross the river to the west. We walk through the desert wilderness. A tent has been ripped open and there is dried blood. Jerry investigates the blood and sees animal tracks around here memorizes them. Peya found the spirit in the tent and tries to find out who the attacker is. The spirit says that a beast killed me with that had claws and sharp teeth.

We follow where the beast went and it feels like we’re floating on air. Dante transforms into a bird to scout it out and accidentally lands on Jerry. Jerry becomes shaken instead of delirious.

Triston and Mira head into the nest. Jerry stays outside to watch. As we go in, it seems like everything goes shades red and white. We be trippin as we wake up next to the shaman. We feast on chicken.

End Credits: Gideon Roberts is doubled over and he is crawling as he puts a blood soaked envelope in a mailbox as he fires two shots off screen as he then runs off really slow.

Recap from last session

Monday the 14th of March

Opening Monologue: Gideon Roberts is sitting at his desk and looks exhausted. He picks up the cigarette and takes a puff while looking at a picture of a woman. Gideon looks happy in photo. He goes back to his typewriter. “Monday’s report - denied. Here is what we should do about the excision, but I don’t know how much time I have left.” He pulls out a six shooter and loads bullets and holsters it.

Tuesday the 15th of March

Mira meets with Gideon. He is super distracted but mentions that Sheriff Pokoli has more information about the animal attacks that happened on the Indian reservation.

We head over to the Rook and Pawn to meet with Detective Pierce. He shows up with two squad cars. Last night there was an incident at the detention center and Edwin Shears was burned to death. Jerry asked the Detective, “Who else is considered a potential suspect?” Only Alice and Dr. Ross. He hands a grainy image of someone who looks like Antonin Levron. He tells us that Kwatoko is a hard man to get information out of.

All our alibis check out.

Mira and Peya go to the Sheriff station to ask some questions. We met with Sheriff Pokoli and found out that at least three attacks have happened at night. Mira gives her card to him to share any information that they learn about the animal attacks.

Everyone travels to the Casino. Jerry asks about the animal attacks, they think it might be a skinwalker. Triston asks around and finds out that there are a lot of stoners working at the casino. Dante asks some older casino guests about what their favorite slots are.

When Peya gets back to the Rook and Pawn, the door is open. One of the Brother’s D enters and brings out a rock that was in a display case. There is a note wrapped around it. It says “We’re watching” with an upside down eye. The video footage from the security cameras show that the door opened and someone tossed the rock in, but they didn’t take anything.

When Dante gets home, he hears whispering “Dante” and then has a weird out of body experience where he feels an attraction to the heart of the mountain.