Saturday the 19th of March

Opening Monologue: We see inside the Covetous Carnelian. A well dressed man looks over all the people coming in and out. “It is interesting how everyone has something they want, but few are willing to pay the price to attain that.” Time shifts, people are always coming in happy, but leave sad. We see his brother come in and they have an argument. He wishes to be his brother, and Kwantoko ends up trapped in the basement. Time speeds up, then Jerry sets him free by wishing there were no more shadows. Jerry touches the safe, and time freezes and Jerry hands the shadowrang over to the genie as it fades out to black.


Dante woke up in his bed. He tries to call Mira, and notices that his left arm is bandaged up in weird bandages. As he takes off some of the bandages, it seems like it is parchment paper and wet clay. His arm is still missing. As he tries to remove the bandages is hurts, so he leaves them on. He was pretty sure he saw some glyphs on the parchment. He calls Mira and they can’t remember what happened last night. He calls Jerry and Jerry has no idea who Dante is. Jerry never went to the casino.

Peya wakes up. She doesn’t have any memory of how she got home. She looks through her phone and sees several frantic messages from her security team. Her team says that she disappeared around the time she went into the mansion early this morning. She calls Mira and they try to meet up. Peya tries to call Jerry and he hung up.

The van is at the Rook and Pawn. Peya wakes up Triston by banging on the van. Nobody remembers what happened after we entered the mansion. We all meet up and go to Automatic Repairs. Jerry will go check up on the van. When the officers show up they specifically say we’re a group of four.

Mira calls out to Roberts and leaves a message to talk about the excision. We head back to the Rook and Pawn, and a person walks through the door. He reads our names off a paper. His name is Lee Wilder (Claire’s uncle). He is dressed in business casual, sunglasses, with a notepad, pager, briefcase. There might have been a rat that ran into a pocket.

We bond over all the weird happenings that happened around the excision. And Lee joins our group.

Dante’s arm starts hurting more. As he tries to use it, a light seems to come from the edges of the wrapping and clay. Mira gives Dante painkillers and he becomes cloudy minded. We head out to the Armor-wegon. As we head out to the van we see a man carrying a giant sword. He mentions that the techno-mancer could fix his arm. We should probably meet up with Archivist at some point. Sword guy’s name is Steven.

We head over to the Archivist. There is a set of armor standing there. Mira gets past the sentinel by naming the card that has three rocks balancing on top of each other. We’re here for a follow up visit. Thane recognizes the symbols on the paper on and informs Dante that he needs to meet up with the techno-mancer. He give Dante a business card with the location of the Techno-mancer. He also fixes up the arm back into a state of survivability.

We head over to the foothills golf course. Lee is a real estate agent. Flint is the rat in his clothes. He is actually a djinn. Flint was found in the cellar that Lee was renovating.

We get to the golf course and Dante feels like we’re being watched. He hears in his head, “you’re here too”. As Dante looks around he sees a transformer car start standing up.

Triston tries to step in the way as the transformer tries to punch Dante’s lights out. He gets scraped.

There are three “transformers” and Lee gets one of them to drop into a pit. One of them tries to flash it’s high-beams at us. Mira hides from the high-beams. Dante breaks one of them. Peya barely dodges one of the cars. Triston tries to get two of them to run into each other but gets hit by them instead. Peya tries to make the cars confused but it doesn’t get it just right. So the car that almost fell in. Mira is able to drain the battery of the hi-beam car. There is a pulse that leaves the car as it’s battery is drained. Lee pushes the remaining car into the pit and a golf ball hits the car in the hole.

The man who hit the golfball is wearing a bathrobe. His name is Jeff. He is the techno-mancer. He starts walking towards his dank shack. Jeff and Dante start bonding over weed. Jeff suggests that Dante needs some containment of his arms energy. In his ramblings he talked about doing a job for a security company to make a golem and a furderer enforced the job. The name of the company is the Cyrus Security Company.

When Dante wakes up he has a metal arm that pulses green. His shadow ring now glows green.

Geeking Out

Peya: More unified as a group, oozing with charm under strain Dante: Group has grown, since we welcomed Lee Triston: He is worried that Lee liked him too easily Mira: Liked helping out with Dante trying to fix his arm Lee: Meaningful interaction with Triston as he is welcomed into the group

End Credits Saguaro Insurrance. We see Gideon typing his letter of resignation. There is a package with a bloody handprint. Bianca picks that package up. Cut to Jerry’s apartment where there are some armored men that Jerry makes gasp out in horror.

Recap from last session

Friday the 18th of March

Opening Monologue: Courtesy of ChatGPT we learn that Dante has been spending his whole life searching for his parents. Dark forces conspire against him as he tries to figure out who he is. He also thinks the show is called Sinferno: Unveiling Shadows.


We make it to the Rook and Pawn and try to figure out what are we going to do about Kwatoko. We are interrupted by a knock at the door. Carter is a small framed man holding an umbrella in the open position wearing highly reflective goggles. He thinks he can help us out to break into the casino. He might be a famous hacker and knows a thing about doors. He thinks that there are only seven mirrors and not twelve of them. He likes to go by his codename “Rudger”.

Mira’s phone starts to buzz and she talks to Bianca and Alicia wanting to go out on the town.

Dante gets to his apartment and finds out that his place is broken into. He calls Officers Law and Justice. They can’t find anything that was missing, but it looks like they were looking for the ring of shadows

In the morning, Jerry hears a knock at his door and talks to a gothic missionary serving the great god of Hades.

That evening we are back on the Wirmaq reservation. Triston asks if Carter can handle the doors. Carter says there is one person in there bound and gagged. There appears to be a forest/swamp in there.

Triston opens the door. Once we all go inside, the door slams shut. Triston tries opening the doors over and over again and is freaked out by Carter being on the other side each time. Something attempts to shoot at Jerry and he blocks it. Triston blocks some of the next attempts. Dante opens up the door and sees darkness. There is a hole right on the other side of the door and there is a body at the bottom of the hole wrapped in vines. We drop down into the hole and Jerry cuts the body free and finds Kwantoko. He has been trapped in this house for the last two months. His brother is the werewolf. His name is Kwan2ku (also known as Moki). As he is cut out his eyes flicker red. “You have freed me”. He is a one note genie. He was trapped here by his shadow. There is something missing, a safe in the middle of the house.

We need to go through that door. It is covered in vines and bark so Mira drains the life force from the door and opens the door. There is an inhuman scream of “Noooooo” that echos through the house. There is a hallway on the other side of the door. Dante runs down the hallway and makes it to the other side. This door has tons of arcane symbols on it’s vortex. The symbols are wards to keep things out.

Jerry wishes that the shadows don’t exist anymore.

Dante touches the symbols and immediately it shatters. Dante hears an alarm goes off. He looks around and is in his apartment. He is in his pajamas.