Sunday the 13th of March

Opening Monologue: There is a massive human being with a jean jacket. He is typing on a tiny laptop. He is pretty concetrated but angry. As he is walking down the street and it is raining. He passes a liquor store, and as he has white knuckles. He gets to his apartment, picks up his mail. At his door, he picks up an expensive bottle of vodka on his doorstep. He goes inside. He reads through the mail and sees a letter from his ex inviting him to her wedding. To not be triggered he starts playing his guitar. As he gets into the music, a string breaks. And he starts freaking out. He throws his guitar into the wall. The wall has a greenish glow. He hears a voice talking about the Doomslayer. He walks to the wall and pulls out a green helmet. He puts it on and the visor corrects the red that he’s been seeing and is now going demon hunting.

We see an old guy dusting off a hat. As it zooms out we see a girl dressed in blue standing still.

Mira offers Bianca and Alicia some protein. As well as some drugs to help them sleep better. They are sisters and have a place to stay. And I’ve given out more blood supply than I normally work through.

Guy spent the night hunting demons and then starts looking for a less broken guitar.

Triston was the only one staking out the hat shop nobody else was.

Dante is working through his book.

Peya is setting up the pawn shop. Figuring out what to do with the cards. The numbers on the cards are the measurements and costs of hats. The hats in the shop did have these cards. As she gets ready, Guy walks in and asks if she has any guitars. As she answers he turns around and kicks the door open and jumps up to the top of Rook and Pawn as he is attempting to attack the darkness.

Jerry attacks and a third of the shadows are banished. Guy knocks out another third of the shadows. Peya heads out to the door and sees Jerry and Guy attacking the “darkness”? Peya investigates, and she now can see the demonic shadows. She learns that the shadows are being created by someone in the alley.

Dante rolls up and sees the shadows. He creates an angelic shadow and attacks the bad shadows. Guy tried to get a chainsaw but was attacked by the shadows.

Peya heads to alleyway and sneaks up on a pale wide eyed person wearing a hooded cloak. She convinces her to leave and the shadows disapear as the cop cars show up.

Guy tries to sweet-talk the cops and ends up passing the breathalyzer test.

Peya chases after the shadow maker. She catches up and pins her down, but starts speaking an unknown language. Peya grabs onto her as she melds into the ground and then ends up on a couch somewhere.

Edwin continues to brush the girls hair. “You did it again?”

Mira tries to clean the blood off of Guy, and gets only a minimal amount from him.

Jerry and Dante were able to calm down a bit from the shadow experience. We inform the Brothers D that Peya is missing.

Edwin puts the headband back on to the girl as she goes still again. It then pans over to a guy in a tweed jacket passed out.

Peya is laying on the sofa. There is an hispanic teenager who asks, “why did you follow me?” “I didn’t do anything, just what my sister told me to do.” “You have to leave.” This girl is Pricilla De La Cruz’s sister. In the picture, even though it is sunny there are shadows over Pricilla’s sister. “I wasn’t supposed to leave the house, I was just supposed to keep an eye on you.” “I’m grounded for ditching school.”

As we get to Triston. Triston hears a mom and a son pass the van “Joshua, you can’t do that”. They aren’t there anymore. Triston watched the store the whole time.

Jerry opens the door, and the store is still empty. There is a couple wanting a hat, but they get offended by Jerry the maintanence guy. Triston follows the couple for a while to see if they are really engaged.

Peya leaves the De La Cruz residence. Runs into Brother D and they both head back to the Rook and Pawn. When she gets back there is a wrapped note and the mirror that Peya lost.

After the AA meeting, Guy pours out the bottle of Vodka, and the camera zooms in on the bottle and it has a tag saying “Drink Me”.

Monday the 14th of March

At 7 in the morning we all meet up at the hat shop. Triston runs up to the shop owner and asks to buy a hat for his “friend” who got engaged. Guy ends up shopping for his ex girlfriends fiance.

Triston is able to pull the headband off of Alice, and she lashes out at Edwin. You killed my mom and now you are having me do this. Jerry knocks Edwin out for a bit.

Mira is able to check out on Alice’s mental state and sees that she is going into shock. She takes her outside where they are calling the cops.

Triston is trying to convince Edwin that he was on his side. Edwin is hoping to get the mirror to start his revenge on who had killed his wife.

Edwin racks up a lot of debt at the casino on the reservation, and “indian name” said he can help with the debt if this psy device gets created. “Indian name” takes Edwins wife hostage. “Give it to me or she dies”. The device gets turned on and all monsters start to converge on the device because of the other mirror. The wife ends up getting trampled. “The twelve of them have been running this city for too long”.

Because there were two mirrors, the psy emitter went crazy.

Edwin gets taken by the cops because there is a kidnapped person inside his apartment.

Triston tries to get an in to the investigation, but Detective Pierce says the earliest that we can meet with him is tomorrow.

At the morgue we can see that a burned body “Antonin Levron” (furderer) is pushed into the incinerator. He Fawkes his way out of the incinerator and burns Edwin.

Recap from last session

Dante spends some time in the archives reading up on the mayor. He finds a photograph of the mayor’s first election and in the photo is a Jack and Maddison Sinferno. Could these people be Dante’s parents?

While traveling back from the fight Jerry explains to Triston about the shadows that are following him around.

After Mira drops Peya off, her car runs into Bianca and Alicia’s car. As Mira attempts to help, she ends up blacking out.

Lucas had an early appointment with Olivia Andrews, and discovers that the building had been broken into and she had been murdered. Peya’s stolen mirror was on the ground.

Peya, Mira, Triston meet up with Sombra at Seventh Heaven. Sombra says that the mayor has been in power for a long time. He looks the same in every photo they have of him. Sombra hasn’t found any records prior to him being elected 24 years ago. Ever since the excision, people are now thinking Reina Roja will probably win the election.

Lucas visits the office of Alawi Madani. Lucas had initially sold Peya’s mirror to Alawi, who in turn sold it to Peya.

Peya investigates the Mayor and learns that Eva Bardains is the deputy mayor. Lucas enter the Rook and Pawn and is the definition of average. Pretty forgettable guy.

Jerry reaches out to Dante, but Dante isn’t answering. Automatic Repairs calls him into work today to cover for two other people who couldn’t make it in to work. . Dante heads to Catalina orphanage. He meets Sister Leah and after showing the photograph, she mentions a scared face man with a dark hat who regularly drops babies off at the orphanage every few years.

Lucas invites the group to attend mass and they head over and Dante stays outside but he only hears demons.

After mass has finished, Lucas heads out back and a mysterious man says, “Don’t ever talk to Peya again.” Lucas heads back inside and still as the priest befriends Triston with food.

We see three people dressed up in derby hats. When the priest leaves the three people follow him. The three derby hats start chasing us so we book it out of the church.

As we leave, we notice that we’re being followed. We make it to Automatic Repairs. Triston is able to catch the baton. Dante beats the snot out of one of them and as the hat falls off, his trance breaks and he ends up running away. Jerry ran over the other two men in derby hats and knocks them up against the fence. Lucas asks Triston to put the hat on and Triston ends up getting punched to get out of the trance that he entered.

Triston tries to get Runts from the candy machine, and has a weird memory of a kid named “Joshua?”

Jerry stomps over to Dante, and complains that the shadows has been plaguing him. Dante will try to convince the shadows to leave Jerry alone.

Police officers Law and Justice show up. They take the two remaining derby hat men away. We discovered cards in the hats.The card is the same kind that Miss “A” had.

Lucas sticks the circuit to his head, goes limp and then starts walking off. Peya knocks the card off of his head. And we head back to the Cathedral.

Lucas takes us down to his cellar hideout. It has a beautiful kitchen. Lucas makes French Omlettes and Croque Misures.

Jerry builds a contraption so we can get the card off of Lucas’ head so we can follow where the derby hat instructions are coming from. Mira ties a string to the hat to act as a failsafe.

We work our way to a closed hat shop named A Hat in Time but it will open for short hours on Sunday. Jerry picks the lock and can now get in whenever he needs a new hat.

Dante looks on the desk and finds out that the shop is owned by Edwin Shear. Triston will stake out the place tonight to see if anything will happen overnight.

As Mira gets to her home, she meets Bianca and Alicia as the credits start to roll.