Friday the 25th of March

Opening Monologue: Camera pans up to Pomegranate Park. There is a section here where the homeless play chess. Seated at one of the tables is a 40 year old hispanic man looking at the chess board. He is stroking a venus fly-trap. A black SUV comes up and Moki comes out of one wearing a suit. He walks to the homeless man, “Moki? Cyrus got you working for them now?“. “I’d prefer not to talk about it.” Moki sits down and says that the 86ers are a bigger threat than we originally thought. Enrique (Navarro), we just need one more pawn to reinforce our positions. He pulls out six gold coins to Enrique. “Six, there is only five of them.” “The sixth one is for the girl.”


Cut to a CRT computer terminal. Hear keys typing. On screen is displays Connecting to Cyrus Security. Connected.

Cut to Dante, holding Knives arm (The Blade). He gets a sample ready to take to the police station. He hears a knock at the door and sees that it is Sean. Sean holds up a letter with a wax seal on it. The seal is a dagger with a drop of blood. The other side of the coin is a 13 point star. Sean gives the letter to Dante saying that we’ve been summoned by the Continental. Bounty: 1,000,000 and gold on Alt-F4 Life, by Cyrus Security. You have to get the bounty. Prominent Hacker is Alt-F4 Life. If Sean knew where this hacker was than he would be caching in right now.

Cut to Lee, he is showing them a house. Waiting for the client to show up. A car drives up. A nice limousine. Out comes Holly Zen (the DA for Catalina). “Lets see the house.” She walks in and during the pitch cuts off Lee. Why are you looking into Jackson Paneer. She’s not interested in the sale. “I’m not looking into him specifically, just the owner of the mansion” You need to stop, and if you don’t stop I’m going to make things difficult. She takes out a handkerchief, wipes her hands and then leaves.

Cut to Triston, received a tip that there was a specialized gunsmith in the tourist district. Shannon Whitney is cleaning the barrels in the store. He browses the wares and calls Peya since he bought her last gun from her, but didn’t want to offend her. Peya recommends a pistol. Shannon asks, “You want to kill something that can’t be killed and take out werewolves?” Yeah I got something. It might cost you five gold. But you’re not looking for a gun, you’re looking for ammunition. He takes the ammunition on layaway for 5 gold pieces within two weeks. He gets enough rounds that have special symbols engraved into the bullets.

Peya’s Questions: The CEO of Cyrus Security is Cyrus (the fourth) Rolland. Cyrus Rolland is the Blade (Knives). Most of their clients tend to be government related (Mayor, and DA). Cyrus was founded in the 1800s.

Back at the Rook and Pawn. A young blonde lady with cherry red lips comes in. She looks at Peya and asks if we were around for her sisters death. Can I meet up with you guys later today at a restaurant with reservations.

Cut to a nicer sit down restaurant. She is already there and is wearing her sunglasses. She has been crying a lot. Mira gives Lisa Paige’s sister (Scarlett) a handkerchief. I apologize for interrupting your day. Lisa had been digging into Cy-Sec and found some damning things while working there. Cy-Sec was focused on a woman named Avianna Dyer (the target of the Arsonist). She became homeless and was living in Rock-Bottom. Triston has heard of her in passing. Scarlett gives her card to the group. Mira gives Scarlett information on a grievance counselor.

That evening we head on over to Rock-Bottom. Lee checks MLS to learn about her previous address. He learns that police had investigated it recently, but for no known reason. Lee reaches out to his contacts and found someone who knew someone who talked to Avianna. Triston covers a lot of ground and sees a motorcycle come up to an abandoned bank. We head on over to the dusty bank. The motorcyclist (Priscilla Delacruz) has plugged into the ATM. Lee introduces himself, and explains that we’re looking for an Avianna Dyer. Pricilla has a contact that knows information about Cy-Sec. The contact is Alt-F4-Life.

As we leave, Dante pulls out the letter about the contract we’ve been hired for. We continue the look for Avianna. Last sighting was next to a dried up fountain. Keeping low-key. The fountain is where we need to look for Avianna.

End Credits We see the ATM screen. No Connection. Drumroll: Knives is the CEO of Cyrus Security!

Recap from last session

Tuesday the 22nd of March

Opening Monologue: Easy day at work when you’re a lazy sleuth. Triston’s son spotted a donut store. Outside of the store Triston sees a former friend. He said that Triston only had one day left, and should get away. Triston didn’t believe him, and when he left his apartment the next morning, he forgot all about his life. Knives erased his memory, and has been keeping an eye on Triston ever since. Now that Triston has a gun, Knives is now watching him to make sure he doesn’t get in the way.


Entering the door, the 86ers see Richard smash his sword into Mira. Triston shoots at Richard, right in the chest. As he falls, everything slows down and everyone passes out.

Peya wakes up and calls Mira, Bianca picks up the phone and she is just in tears. “She’s dead, weren’t you there? There were two dead bodies. The funeral is going to be this Saturday.” Bianca and Alicia aren’t sure what they’re going to do now. Peya gets it set up for Bianca and Alicia to hang out at her place.

Lee found the djinn Ember, but they don’t remember what happened after Richard killed Mira. Everyone heads over to the Rook and Pawn. Sean is hanging out across the street. There are burn marks around his eyes.

Questioning Sean the 86ers learn that the Gatekeeprs took them all home last night. Gatekeepers ensure that balance is maintained throughout the mist. They don’t work against you, just make sure things stay in balance. There is a possibility that the excision could have just been performed by gatekeepers.

Sean met a gatekeeper and lost his sight from that fight. He fought them because they tried to erase someone important to him. And he was able to make sure she is still around.

During that discussion Detective Perry walks in and introduces himself. We hear cars skid down the road getting closer. We see a white sports car heading towards the Rook and Pawn. Lee tries to strengthen the crash guards. The car crashes and we see a black SUV speed past.

Perry gets to the car and finds a younger woman in her 20’s blonde hair, blue eyes. “Flynn don’t trust them.” And she hands him an envelope. 911 doesn’t get there in time and she dies. Dante attempts to speak with the dead girl and asks, “who ran you off the road?” “My employee did. The Cyrus security company. Somebody is coming.” Dante takes necrotic damage from the spirit but learns that her name is Lisa Paige. He pockets her security badge for Cyrus Security.

In the envelope, Perry finds a picture of a man, it doesn’t ring a bell, but on it is written, “He is still alive.” Perry shows the picture to the rest of the group, and it is a picture of Anton Levron.

Police come and ask some simple questions. Triston asks them to tell Detective Pierce that we had nothing to do with it. Detective Pierce might call him “Trash-can”.

The group decides to go back to the crypts to see what they can learn. Under the cover of darkness, they discover that there are four people guarding the crypt. The guards are wearing red letterman jackets with red baseball caps with crowns on them. Perry and Peya guide the group around the Queen’s Guard.

Inside the crypts the 86ers discover that the area has been boarded up, but they work their way through and find a latina, along with three Queen’s Guards. Dante asks “What are you doing here?” while Perry gets past them with his search warrant.

The latina is Reina Roja, the other candidate running for mayor. She is finding evidence about the current mayor who made a lot of deals down here. She’s just looking for a keepsake that used to be hers.

Dante asks if Cyrus security works for the mayor. “Everyone knows that Cyrus security has done this” and she is now a little hostile. The back door slams closed and something rushes towards Dante. Dante prepares to protect himself and shoves what is coming towards him toward the wall. It happens to be Mira who has been trapped in the crypts after waking up after dying the other day. Reina knows about Richard Jones.

End Credits We see Richard walking out of the Crypts while it was still light out, he slowly goes to his Harley and pulls out a mirror and sees a reflection of himself.