Sunday the 20th of March

Opening Monologue: Lee reviewed the documents in his folder trying to get an edge on this case. He can’t find any legal documents about his house, only a bill that says it was sold to the Mayor. He looked at his notebook about how to get into the house. Flynt keeps giving him names of his friends that they should find. Lee just needs to get through the front door.


We leave the morgue and head to Mira’s house. Her house was broken into. Bianca and Alicia are missing. Inside the bloody package was a mini cassette. We listen to it at the Rook and Pawn. Gideon Roberts informs us that he has given up looking into the Excision because it was too hard.

Mira’s keyfob doesn’t work when we check up at Saguarro Insurance so we turn in for the night.

Peya on her way home meets a person sharpening a long katana wearing sunglasses. His name is Shawn. He is checking to see if the rumors are true that she has a mirror, if so there is a 5 million bounty on her head. He flips out a folding walking stick and leaves. Peya looks into Shawn and learns of the blind assassin who works inside of Catalina.

Monday the 21st of March

Back at Saguarro Insurance we find out Gideon retired last Friday. Jarnathan took over his case load and isn’t aware of the case we had been investigating. He gives us some of Gideon’s belongings including a piece ot tape that says “The Gatekeepers are Watching”.

At the police department we see officer’s Justice and Law. We get a thumb drive with the footage from the nature camera. We see a guy with long white hair, wearing a whip and a sword on his back. We see the other three for only a few seconds. They were drug out of the truck already beat up. They had run the license plate and got an address in the Foothills.

We head to the address. It is a pretty big mansion, but the truck is not in the driveway. We wait for Officer’s Law and Justice to be available before going inside.

We meet with Jeff Bridges the technomancer and trade the cassette for a crystal. There was a message on the cassette saying something about Caine and the destruction of Catalina. Lee finds his friend Mud. Mira calls her landlord to get the door fixed.

We head to the house and see that the door has been kicked in. We enter the house. It is trashed and hear movement upstairs. A fight breaks out between a large man upstairs whose mouth is sewn shut, some animated armor and the 86ers.

Peya creates illusions to distract the armor. Lee pins the armor to the wall. Triston finds a large hourglass in the attic that looks like it will go off soon with a large explosion of light. Dante wraps green energy around the hourglass.

The golem tries to grab Peya, but her illusion confuses it. Lee holds the Golem, and Mira tries to hypnotize the Golem but is wracked with guilt since she thinks this golem is from Cyrus Security.

Peya searches the mansion and discovers that Richard is the owner. She looks for evidence on why they took the girls, and it appears that he has a deep seated hatred for himself.

Dante enchants Triston’s bullets and Triston shoots the golem in the head non-lethally. A bright light goes off in the attic and it looks like Dante’s power was able to contain it. Then the golem collapses.

Geeking Out

Peya: Getting more of an inside look into Mira’s life, good synergy during the fight Dante: Helped Triston with the gun Triston: Worked with Dante when he used his gun Mira: Worked well within the law as a team Lee: I feel like Dr. Mira has opened up by inviting everyone to her house

End Credits Fade to a dark dungeon underground. We see people in biker outfits looking at Bianca and Alicia. “Where is he, where is Richard”. They slapped the girls. “One of our own is killing us, and you are one of our own.”

Recap from last session

Sunday the 20th of March

Opening Monologue: Triston feels like he is lacking in his ability to protect his friends. After the event with the skin walker he felt like he really needs to change. Triston hopes that owning a gun that he can protect his friends. He goes to the Rook and Pawn and asks Peya for a firearm. He picks a 45 long colt.


Dante is at his apartment, taking it easy recovering from the surgery. Lee checks in on Claire at Ardeal Court. Meets a stranger with a scar who thought this was Breann’s room. Mira doesn’t find out too much about Cyrus Security in between her shifts. She gets a call from Bianca about a bloody package that was delivered and they already opened the package. Peya is finishing recovering from her wounds.

Triston has been in the hospital for a day recovering, but he is worried about someone finding the gun in the van. He runs into Detective Pierce who wants to meet with the gang.

We go to Detective Pierce’s office, and his secretary says we need to go to this address to meet him. We get to the house and we see a number of police officers. There have been a series of murders that have the same M.O. They seem to be drained of blood. All the victims had been friends.

We enter the small manor. There aren’t a lot of pictures, just paintings. Triston looks at a painting and the main painting is of the four friends.

After investigating we learn that there were more than two wounds on her neck, she died angry, and she suffered from some blunt trauma, but there aren’t any scars. There was a bloody coin in a shoe with someone elses blood. Nothing else appears to have been taken from the house, and there wasn’t a forced entry. There was a muddy foot print in the closet of the master bedroom.

On one side of the coin is a 7 with two hatches on the left side (the coin is similar to the ones used by the continental). The other side is a face. As the body is getting removed from the house someone pulls the blanket up and the body catches on fire. Her name was Nevada Taylor.

Officer Justice and Law take us to the other crime scene. We get to a small home, three bedrooms. The three friends were killed outside of this house tied to chairs. Peya finds a wildlife camera taped to a sequoia that Officers Law and Justice can get footage from. There is one shot that has a white truck in it.

We drive to the morgue. And Detective Pierce lets us in. We look at the bodies. Their names were Craygan Moore, Cassius Bloom, and Raven Simons. Wounds all around the neck.