Currently I am playing Mira Eros in a City of Mist campaign. Her rift is Dracula, and she works as the leading doctor in the hematology ward at the local hospital. She has joined forces with others who have learned about the Excision and as the group 86ers and are trying to uncover the secrets hidden within the Mists. Mira Eros

After an encounter with Richard Jones, Mira took a deadly blow to her face and died. For a short time I played as the hardboiled Detective Flynn Perry. His rift is Perry the Platypus. He was successful in joining the 86ers as they investigated the location where Mira had died in order to learn more about what had transpired. Flynn Perry Artwork by fuwa²kyara

Finding out that Mira, through the power of her rift hadn’t died but had been reborn, was a surprise to the 86ers. Now that Mira has more free time on her hands since she no longer works at the hospital due to her unfortunate death, Mira is ready to keep the streets safe from those who would use their power to hurt the people that Mira holds dear. Mira Eros

Character Concept

Her character concept came from this XKCD comic and the Ed Sheeran song Bad Habits. XKCD